Having Zune problems? You’re not alone. Users of Microsoft’s media player are finding their Zunes frozen and stuck on the loading screens. The widespread Zune failure is already being dubbed Z2K or Z2K9. The Zune freeze appears to be affecting the …
The Inquisitr · 12/31/2008
Recently, there were a bunch of angry reports from people complaining about their 30GB Microsoft Zunes freezing up. This could hurt Microsoft and help Apple. So far, there are many different MP3 players out in the market. Music storage has made the ...
Digital Journal · 1/1/2009
After Hooli’s 4K HD live stream of UFC Fight Night crashed and burned in a lag-ridden mess of pixelated frozen video, the Pied Piper team ... Don’t tell me it’s Zune bad.” “It’s Apple Maps bad,” she replies.
SD Times · 5/18/2015
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These were not packets of frozen stodge but "entrees", with packets featuring colourful ... the P76 suffered and Leyland closed its Australian manufacturing plants. Vale. Microsoft Zune, 2006 Bill Gates' empire has done …
Stuff · 1 day ago
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Right, so this is a weird one: we're getting tons of reports—tons—about failing Zune 30s. Apparently, the players began freezing at about midnight last night, becoming totally unresponsive and practically useless. Update: The easy official fix here.
Gizmodo · 12/31/2008
And on the 366th day of the year, the music died. Thousands of Zune portable media players made by Microsoft Corp. suddenly froze up early Wednesday, Dec. 31, labeling Internet wits to label the phenomenon "Z2K." The model affected was the Zune 30 …
FOX News · 1/1/2009
Yesterday 30-gigabyte Zunes suffered a crippling glitch causing the digital music players to lock up, reboot themselves, and freeze. Zune users are calling Micorosoft screw-up "Zune 2K9," a reference to the Y2K bug. The problem was caused by the Zune's ...
TechHive · 1/1/2009
Microsoft Zune owners are up in arms over an apparent worldwide, simultaneous glitch that leaves the media player frozen. Call it Microsoft's Z2K bug; reports are flooding across the Internet that Microsoft's Zune media player is inexplicably failing ...
eWeek · ByNathan Eddy · 12/31/2008
(Newser) – Microsoft’s Zune has a bizarre bug: Hundreds, if not thousands of the 30G models froze up simultaneously at 12am PST, CNET reports. The MP3 players all displayed a startup status bar frozen at 100%; the timing has prompted some Zune
Newser · 12/31/2008
First Microsoft faces accusations of knowing about faulty Xbox 360 hardware before the consoles ever shipped, and now the company is facing another hardware-related crisis: Zune mass destruction.... or rather, the Zunepocalypse. So maybe that's …
Tom's Guide · ByKevin Parrish · 12/31/2008