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NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Yale made history on Wednesday as they rolled out the country’s first mobile clinic and pharmacy. Yale New Haven Hospital employees concerned after break-ins
NORTHBRIDGE — At Plummer Park Skate Park in Whitinsville on Thursday, 17-year-old Nate Isaacs, who was diagnosed with stage IV Hodgkin lymphoma last year, from Arlington gets pointers on
My husband and I are a young couple that loves to host friends. We shop at Aldi to put together jaw-dropping charcuterie boards for under $40.
A dog was a father figure to puppies at a shelter — but needed a home of his own. Then after more than 200 days of waiting, the North Carolina shelter said Chance the dog was adopted. “There wasn’t a
On a warm Sunday in April, Gunnery Sgt. Christopher Goad was cruising along a California state highway, slicing through farmland and small desert mountain towns, and listening to the engines roar on
(The Hill) – Pfizer announced Thursday plans to move forward with an oral daily weight loss medication in the same drug category as treatments including Ozempic and Zepbound. The pharmaceutical
A black Labrador wasted little time in activating "guilt mode" after his owner dared to suggest she might go out without him.India Black, from the U.K. has always enjoyed a close relationship with
A 29-year-old woman died after she was thrown from the hood of a car when trying to rescue her sleeping 6-year-old son from a carjacking, Ohio police told news outlets. The woman went to pick up her
The United Quest℠ Card was unveiled in 2021, giving United loyalists another option within the airline's lineup of cobranded cards. It's a middle-of-the-road credit card option built for those who
In 2022, NASCAR announced a range of sustainability goals. A year later, the NASCAR Impact initiative laid out an interim goal of 100% renewable electricity sourcing at all organization-owned tracks
A pet owner was left in disbelief by home surveillance footage when he left his rescue cat home alone for the first time.Greg had been on vacation at home for a week with Penny after adopting her
You're never going to want to go back inside.While you might feel confident in decorating the inside of your home, designing the outside can feel a bit daunting. After all, competing with the
Last week, days after word leaked that Jayson Tatum had agreed to an NBA-record five-year, $315 million extension and a few more days before the Boston Celtics made it official, Tatum gathered a
July 11 (UPI) -- Reptile experts were called in to assist the Arizona Department of Public Safety when a 4- to 5-foot monitor lizard was spotted running loose on the freeway. AZDPS said calls started
The article ranks the worst football managers based on win ratio and points per game over a 20-game period. Egil
A Pennsylvania firefighter of over 50 years has died, according to his family and friends.John Bruetsch, 65, a New Cumberland native living in Enola, passed away
A mini tablet that dissolves in the mouth in six seconds could radically improve the treatment of heart failure in babies and young children.The tablet measures just 2 mm across — barely the width of
Looking for a new family pet? It might be a good time to visit the Williamson County Animal Center. The facility will be waiving adoption fees for the first 50 people approved for a pet
The category 5 hurricane left a massive trail of devastation.Hurricane Beryl has finally weakened as it moves toward Canada and the northeastern U.S., but the storm caused plenty of devastation
There are some incredible teachers in movies and TV that have made serious impacts. Here are some great ones that we need to talk about.

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