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In these places, history is baked into the millennia-old walls.
SpaceX has delivered a new animated look at the launch of Starship to Mars. See the launch, Super Heavy booster re-entry and 'chopsticks' capture, on-orbit fueling and journey to the surface of the
Over a month ago, Kiara Cahill noticed that coolant was leaking from her 1997 Ford Taurus. Trying to discover what was causing the leak, she took it to a mechanic, who told her that the problem was
SAN MARCOS, Texas (KXAN) — At the request of local officials in Hawaii, the Texas State University Police Department’s mental health officer and Brady, the university’s therapy dog, went on a two
Martial arts films with ensemble casts feature an array of heroes and villains, resulting in epic fight scenes and diverse characters.
Amid the formal portraits and historic photos in the White House hangs a work of art by a little known artist.Paris Robinson is not yet a giant of the art world, but give it some time — she's only 10
AUSTIN (KXAN) — As the world looks for ways to reduce our carbon dioxide output in order to curb climate change, there’s another option to reduce carbon — recapturing it. KXAN Meteorologist Nick
AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Austin Animal Center is collaborating with the nonprofit Adopt a Pet to offer waived pet adoption fees throughout October, according to a nonprofit news release Monday. AAC and
One of my favorite parts of fall is going to a pumpkin patch with my kids. We love tromping around a farm to pick out just the right pumpkins to take home. Carving our pumpkins is a treasured yearly
The best TVs are always changing because the display technologies behind them are constantly improving. 4K TVs used to be cutting-edge technology and now almost every TV has 4K resolution and 8K TVs
Note to readers: The News-Press and Naples Daily News are recognizing the heroes of Hurricane Ian. These are people and organizations who went above and beyond after the Category 4 storm hit
Michael Gambon made the role of Dumbledore his own, capturing the nuances of the character and delivering some of the franchise's most compelling performances.
The Oregon State Parks say they are ready for the October 14 solar eclipse. Visitors to parks in the path of annularity will watch the moon partially cover the sun, which creates a ‘ring of fire’
“America’s Got Talent” has crowned its latest grand prize wiener.Adrian Stoica and his dog, Hurricane, won the 18th season of the NBC reality show competition during the Sept. 27 finale. They claimed
Netflix's The Last Kingdom makes some notable changes to its source material, including a number of critical alterations that helped improve the series. The Last Kingdom is based on Bernard
Mothers retain cells from their babies in their bodies after pregnancy, scientists have found, in a discovery which may help explain why some couples can conceive naturally after IVF.US experts found
Many NFL champions can count on their sweet pups for support after an intense workout or football game. Patrick Mahomes and his wife, Brittany Matthews, are the proud dog parents to pit bull Steel
Anybody who has ever tried to stick with a healthy eating plan knows just how difficult it is to find a good-for-you meal on the go that won’t put you out at least $20 in the process. But if you’re
The fourth and final supermoon of the year will be visible Thursday evening.
BLOOMFIELD, Conn. (WTNH) — A Bloomfield dog rescue is in need of donations and people to adopt foster dogs after the organization had a setback over the weekend.A Dog Star Rescue truck carrying

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