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A young girl is being called a hero by her own family after she ran inside her house as its roof burned to alert her sleeping mom and siblings to the grave danger.Olivia Patterson, age 6, was
New research finds that modern weather models can accurately predict satellite movements due to the energy emitted and reflected by the Earth. In addition to weather prediction, weather models can
Despite inflation creeping back up again, we’ve all still got to keep our fridges and pantries stocked with groceries. In order to do so, many consumers are veering away from traditional supermarkets
It’s hard to imagine what an animal must feel when abandoned by the only human they have ever known. Not only do they lose the security of a home, but many also experience hunger and are forced to
For years, the United States' National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has categorized coral reefs at five levels of concern — from "No Stress" to the most threatened "Alert Level 2."
See totality over Ohio, New York and Maine in these time-lapsed views. Cleveland, Ohio: Credit: Salvatore Oriti of NASA Glenn Research Center Tupper Lake, New York: Credit: Seth McGowan of the
With more people dying from Alzheimer’s disease than ever before, experts are emphasizing the importance of early diagnosis and intervention.The number of fatalities due to the disease increased by
Browsing Amazon? Not sure what you want to buy, but know that you definitely want to buy something? Right now, Amazon has incredible deals with mammoth discounts of 70% off or more. Instead of random
Day-to-day life for the residents of San Quentin Rehabilitation Center can be fairly simple, but one program is impacting those inside and outside in a big way."So, this is my cell," said Chase
I've been kitting out my apartment with the best smart home devices. While I've added a variety of smart contact and motion sensors, I didn't have it in me to shell out $149 for the excellent Nest
These Broadway songs were made for karaoke. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the best show tunes for you to sing on your next musical night out!
A law enforcement officer helped save two puppies roaming an overpass on the far northwest side of Houston early Saturday. Constable Neil Hudson saw two dogs on an overpass at the State Highway 99
PARIS (AP) — Fans will be seeing purple at the Olympics when athletes try to set records at this summer’s Paris Games. Get Hawaii’s latest morning news delivered to your inbox, sign up for News 2
Sometimes a hero's origins are a complete mystery to the character AND readers.
After a dizzying eclipse season and a Mercury retrograde in Aries that's caused more confusion than clarity, we could all use a little cosmic luck. Luckily, we're just a few weeks away from the
The Preggo Organization for Women, a non-profit based in Boca Raton, is renowned for providing essential resources to at-risk mothers and their babies. Now, a collaborative effort between two
Whether you're seeking jaw-dropping thrill rides, indulging in the best fair food, or leisurely floating down a lazy river, the top amusement parks in the U.S. offer something for the whole family.
Five dogs, rescued from the West Bank, are available for adoption in Cook County. In total, 70 dogs made the long journey from the West Bank to Tel Aviv, a connecting flight in Belgium and to JFK
Say cheese. The dairy industry and a research team from UC Davis have a lot to smile about. They have found a way to turn a cheese byproduct into a type of bioplastic that is biodegradable,
Darth Maul's rich history goes beyond the movies, with details explored in both the modern canon and the Legends continuity.

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