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An earthquake, a total solar eclipse and now a fireball. What a week for weather in the Northeast.Dozens of residents across the region reported seeing a bright
A puppy's cheeky way around her owner's stair gate has left internet viewers in stitches. The 4-month-old cocker spaniel called Evie has captured hearts after she demonstrated her remarkable problem
The US has had two total solar eclipses over the last seven years. Unfortunately, it won't experience another for two decades. Total solar eclipses will be viewable in the continental US in 2044 and
Let’s freeze out a few of the frozen food myths that have been circulating for decades.
Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative movement disorder that progresses relentlessly. It gradually impairs a person’s ability to function until they ultimately become immobile and often develop
Residents from the Sacramento region gathered at the Museum of Science and Curiosity, also known as MOSAC, in Sacramento to take a look at the solar eclipse. Viewed from Sacramento, the maximum
MEXICO CITY — They prowl through palace gardens stalking pigeons and make cameos on televised press briefings. Some greet tourists at the doors, while others take a sneaky lick of ice cream from
Scientists have identified a gene that may play a role in determining whether a person is left-handed or right-handed. In a large study of more than 350,000 people’s genes, published last week in the
How has the world’s oldest man lived such a long life?For starters, no smoking, little alcohol and a fair amount of good luck have contributed to his lengthy life… And maybe a weekly batch of fish
BRIGANTINE - A stranded harp seal found eating sand on an Ocean County beach earlier this year has been released back into the wild. The Marine Mammal Stranding Center of
Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HU) have now introduced a new drug-delivery system that uses switchable peptide-stabilized emulsions, allowing for the simultaneous
The April 2024 solar eclipse is over. All we have left are the memories, and lots and lots of photos. Monday’s solar eclipse was a magical moment for millions of people in the roughly 115-mile
SACRAMENTO — A soon-to-be mom's instincts kicked in when she saw a baby animal in the middle of a busy Sacramento road. She heard its cries and knew she had to do something.With no help from animal
A treatment using extreme cold has proven successful in destroying large tumors in people with breast cancer who are ineligible for surgery. The technique, called cryoablation, is already used to
Heather Tedeschi has always called her 10-year-old daughter her little twin. She said the two of them share many of the same traits: they're compassionate, courageous and a bit stubborn. It's
The rare event of a total solar eclipse will darken skies along a 115-mile-wide path across North America today, but southern California will see only a partial eclipse. The total eclipse, where the
French researchers used a powerful MRI machine to create detailed brain scans of about 20 people.The images are nearly 10 times more detailed than a hospital MRI's scans.The high-resolution images
KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WDAF) – A goat in Missouri was rescued on Monday afternoon after getting stuck on a pillar under a bridge near the Kansas City Zoo. The goat was discovered sitting perched on
Once home to silent films, the 100-year-old Jensen Melrose Theatre in East Hollywood has a new purpose today. "When I saw it with my eyes I said, 'Wow!' That's so cool," Yulia said. Go up the narrow
Though many horror movie remakes didn't live up to the original, these 10 defied expectations and reinvented their source material for the better.

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