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Stop someone on the street, and ask them about their hometown, the chances are pretty good they’ll tell you it was an idyllic place to grow up — good schools, friendly neighbors, and plenty enough to
KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - ‘Pasta with a Purpose’ returns to St. John’s Lutheran Church in North Knoxville on Saturday, April 20. The event benefits A Place at the Table Knoxville.A Place at the Table
A Spotsylvania deputy is being hailed a hero for taking the time out of his day to rescue an abandoned two-day-old fawn.Deputy Travis Puakea found the fawn this past weekend in a ditch. He claims the
A beautiful Labrador Retriever received a lovely send-off at a retirement party celebrating his long career as a TSA Explosives Detection dog.According to ABC News, Messi, an explosives detection
On a chilly morning last week, a wind-, solar-, and hydrogen-powered research vessel named Energy Observer welcomed eight journalists for a tour. The oddly shaped boat (it’s 100 feet long and 40 feet
Whether you're seeking jaw-dropping thrill rides, indulging in the best fair food, or leisurely floating down a lazy river, the top amusement parks in the U.S. offer something for the whole family.
If you've ever watched something unfold and thought about stopping it, but also wanted to see how it played out, then you will know exactly how this woman felt as she watched her dog battle a bed
OAKDALE, Pa. (KDKA) — A woman is on a mission to get her church in Oakdale back to where it was before severe storms filled it with several feet of water. Last week, severe weather showed no mercy to
This story is part of The Salt Lake Tribune’s ongoing commitment to identify solutions to Utah’s biggest challenges through the work of the Innovation Lab.[Subscribe to our newsletter for more
Summer is only a few weeks away, and the sunshine and the heat will accompany it. While it can feel soothing for us to spend time relaxing in the golden rays, when the mercury rises, it’s not always
RICHARDSON — School Bus Drivers carry our most precious cargo, and on School Bus Driver Appreciation Day, some Richardson ISD Students wanted to do something special for their driver.   "The kids
Our diets play a key role in the way our bodies age, but the relationship between the two is much more complicated than we once thought. Numerous studies in animals have shown that restricting
A golden retriever melted hearts on social media after his owners shared his reaction to getting a new puppy who looks just like him.In a post shared on TikTok earlier in April, under the username
A group of lottery winners volunteered at a branch of the charity Baby Basics for a day to help spruce up donated buggies and cots, and prepare kits to give to newborn babies and their mothers.They
Manchester United, synonymous with footballing excellence, boasts a rich history of iconic players who have etched their names in club lore. From the heartbreak of Munich to the treble-winning
New research finds that modern weather models can accurately predict satellite movements due to the energy emitted and reflected by the Earth. In addition to weather prediction, weather models can
Who doesn’t love saving a few bucks? But where’s the line between being a mindful spender and feeling so pressured by scarcity that thriftiness feels like a competition to win? Recently, there have
A couple who adopted a cat from Egypt learned in a few short months how much a diet can transform a cat into a whole new feline.In an April 21 TikTok video posted by user @guccithekitten, owners Zoe
NORTH HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – It all started with a Facebook group. “North Haven Freecycle, oh my God that freecycle page has saved my life. What it is, is people give away things they no longer
Each year, the London Marathon sees several Guinness World Record attempts, bizarre and wonderful feats like “the fastest female dressed as stationery (2022)” and “fastest marathon in dressed as a

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