One person has been killed and several others injured during largely peaceful demonstrations in Sudan, a government spokesman ...
Beijing says legislation is necessary after last year's protests; critics say sweeping law erodes Hong Kong's freedom.
Blackness is a global phenomenon, and when I walked into that store I merely walked into one of its many iterations.
The government seems more interested in keeping the military content than providing support for struggling citizens.
City's riot police makes arrests as territory's Chief Executive Carrie Lam says new legislation is 'lawful, reasonable'.
The consequences of a nuclear war would extend far beyond the blast itself, killing millions of people across the globe.
Every day, three times a day, I hear the shuffle outside my room, followed by a phone ringing in the distance. It's come to ...
Leaders from G5 Sahel bloc of nations and French president meet in Nouakchott to discuss campaign against armed groups.
Ethiopia argues the dam will bring electricity to more than 65 million people who currently 'live in complete darkness'.
Record high cases across the United States Sunbelt have led distant states to put their own reopening plans on hold.
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EU's anti-terror clause in its grant proposals is political and 'criminalises' Palestinian resistance, civil groups say.
Conference comes amid reports Trump knew about Taliban-linked fighters being offered Russian bounties to kill US troops.