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(KTXL) – The oldest living person in the world doesn’t live in the United States but has roots in Northern California.  Video Above: America’s oldest living person dies in Mendocino County (From
A seven-year-old boy who had both his legs amputated after surviving sepsis has walked further than he has ever gone before to raise money for charity.William walked two miles using his prosthetic
A litter of puppies is lucky to be alive after being rescued from a burning encampment in San Bernardino. The fire ignited Thursday near East 6th Street and North Waterman Avenue at around 5:07 p
When Jessica Martinez struggled with addiction after the death of her husband three years ago, she felt the only connection she had left was with her dog, Little Guy — better known as L.G. The couple
Neil Simon was a playwright, screenwriter, and author who was particularly active during the 1960s and '70s. Simon's work is almost exclusively comedies, although he covered an impressive range of
Elon Musk has claimed the first human patient implanted with his wireless Neuralink brain chip can move a computer cursor ‘just by thinking’.‘Progress is good, and the patient seems to have made a
Looking to add a furry friend to your family?  Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center in New Jersey is offering reduced adoption fees for all dogs and cats now through the weekend. The shelter said
Looking for May travel ideas? While there are many wonderful destinations that are excellent to visit at the start of spring, here are ten of our top picks for the best places to travel in May—from
Live musical performances speak to the soul, stimulating the brain in ways more powerful than listening to a recorded tune does, new research finds. "Our study showed that pleasant and unpleasant
What is the path of totality for the 2024 Solar eclipse? In New York, Niagara Falls, Buffalo and Rochester will all be in the path, as will Watertown and Plattsburgh. Locally, Brockport
A horse survived the trauma of a recent visit to the dentist – with help from her companion sheep.Jojo, a 19-year-old shire horse mare, needed an hour’s specialist treatment on her teeth last week
Amanda Steggall, 45, stood in black regalia in a packed room at Dallas Life, a faith-based shelter for unhoused people. She described the anger she felt when she and her two kids lost their housing
In our daily lives, we often hear about common health conditions like diabetes, asthma, and high blood pressure. These conditions are widely discussed and well-recognized, making it easier for people
An asthma drug could be used to stop people suffering allergic reactions to food, a study suggests.A trial found a monthly jab of omalizumab increases tolerance of an allergen and could be used as a
PITTSBURGH –The Pittsburgh Penguins saw their winning streak end against the Seattle Kraken, but there was still room to celebrate beforehand. The match between the Penguins and Kraken was forward
These lookalikes, who range from actors to singers, share surprising physical features and characteristics that leave fans in awe.
Imagine extending the life of your best friend.  Now you might not have to just wish. Loyal for Dogs, a veterinary medical company, announced its longevity drug for dogs has
For many of us, a dog isn't just a pet — they're a best friend, a member of the family. Someone to cuddle, play with, and join us for walks. But for many people who need to use service animals just
From 'Longmire' to 'Dark Winds,' these shows have family drama, rule-breaking cowboys and shady Western operations just like 'Yellowstone'Yellowstone might not be back just yet, but there's no need

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