Google will soon scan the content of your emails and serve up what it thinks is the perfect reply. The new feature, called Smart Reply, identifies Gmail emails that require a response and presents three options for replies. Smart Reply will roll out this ...
CNN Money · ByDavid Goldman · 11/3/2015
Google's Gmail email service Gmail is a telecommunications service under the German Telecommunications Act, and must therefore be registered with the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA), the administrative court in Cologne decided on 11 November.
Telecompaper · 14 hours ago
telecommunications service
Don't have time to compose a reply to that email? Well, Gmail's Inbox service will do it for you. Google revealed Smart Reply for its Inbox email service this week, with your email being scanned and suggested replies popping up. "Smart Reply suggests up to ... · 11/4/2015
Smart Reply
Spam is always annoying, but it can occasionally be disastrous. Google has now deployed its artificial neural network to stop more of it from arriving in your Gmail inbox, something it hinted at earlier. It's designed to "detect and block the especially ...
Engadget · BySteve Dent · 7/10/2015
Google announced a new Gmail feature that lets anyone with an account on Google+ send you an email. While you can’t see email addresses unless someone sends you an email, and vice versa, you can still contact people with a Google+ account by …
ReadWrite · 1/9/2014
With changes to Android Wear, Google Calendar, Chrome, Chromecast, Gmail, Inbox by Gmail, Google Maps, Google, Google Translate, Waze, and YouTube, Google is going full on promotion mode for Star Wars The Force Awaken. The new Star Wars … · 11/25/2015
Star Wars
When I logged on to Gmail this morning, I was greeted with an overlay saying that Google had updated the service to make it easier for me to use. Wasn’t that nice of them? What they did was organize all of my email into tabs so I can find what I want faster.
Marketing Pilgrim · ByCynthia Boris · 7/16/2013
Google is introducing a brand-new smart feature to make email even more efficient. Called Smart Replies and available on Inbox by Gmail, the new feature will help you issue fast, personalized responses to emails as they come in. DON’T MISS …
FOX News · 11/3/2015
Choosing one side over the other will affect your Google apps like Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, Chrome and "many more." Apparently, "this is just the beginning." Between now and opening night, Google will be …
Game Zone · ByTatiana Morris · 11/23/2015
Gmail's Inbox app just got smarter. Google is rolling out a new Inbox feature called Smart Reply that lets users send quick responses to emails when they're in a hurry or don't want to write an essay in response. Smart Reply will suggest up to three ...
New York Daily News · 11/3/2015