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The Oregon State Parks say they are ready for the October 14 solar eclipse. Visitors to parks in the path of annularity will watch the moon partially cover the sun, which creates a ‘ring of fire’
“Some people want it all/ But I don’t want nothing at all/ If it ain’t brew, baby/ If I ain’t got brew, baby.”Singer, songwriter, pianist and now ... tea maker? Alicia Keys seems to be brewing up
PEOPLE spoke with Lauren Laliberte, whose Airbnb host canceled their wedding weekend stay because of fiancé Steve Bohn’s service dogWhile Boston couple Lauren Laliberte and Steve Bohn were busy
Cicera Maria dos Santos (pictured) was reportedly born in 1906, making her 117.
It's a big week for all the coffee lovers out there. Friday, Sept. 29, is National Coffee Day, and Sunday, Oct. 1, is International Coffee Day. If you're looking
Sept. 29 (UPI) -- Marine rescuers in Massachusetts rescued and released two dolphins found stranded in the shallow waters at the mouth of the Herring River. The International Fund for Animal Welfare
LAFAYETTE, Ind. — The signs of human erosion and wrecked lives caused by chemical dependency and incarceration are plain for all to see, but for those living with addiction — whether in recovery or
By Abhishyant Kidangoor Scientists have long known that global warming is upending not just seasonal climate trends, but also minute weather patterns on a daily basis. However, establishing a strong
A rare black baby fox has been captured chasing and playing with a red cub on San Juan Island, Washington.Black foxes are rare elsewhere but can be spotted on the small US island, which is populated
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A postal worker in Baldwin surprised a resident on her 100th birthday.When Tina Neverman found out one of the neighbors on her route, Gladys, was turning 100 in September, she wanted to acknowledge
As big of a threat as artificial intelligence is to TV and film, there's one place where nearly everyone can agree it may be beneficial: sorting through a streamer's seemingly endless library.
There are two solar eclipses coming in the next few months. The events, which happen when the moon passes between Earth and the sun, partially obscuring the view of the sun from certain spots on
Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk introduces Lovecraftian monsters that add horror to DnD. These warped creatures are a terrifying addition.
Irish authorities have seized €157m (£136m) worth of suspected cocaine after a dramatic raid of a cargo ship - the largest drug seizure in the history of the state.The Panamanian registered ship, the
A Tennessee zoo’s amphibian section got more crowded when a critically endangered toad welcomed its 20 new babies. The Nashville Zoo announced in a Sept. 25 Facebook post that the zoo “successfully
Both Southern Methodist University and the University of North Texas have long and notable histories of training organists who’ve gone on to major church, academic and concert careers. This fall,
Upgrades are a key part of Lies of P and one that players need to pay attention to in order to be successful in the game. These upgrades are acquired by finding Geppetto in Hotel Krat, who will allow
Time to bulk up!Protein is an important part of any diet, and changing up your protein sources can help make consuming protein more enjoyable. Or efficient, if that’s what you’re looking for, to
A visually impaired community football coach and an ovarian cancer campaigner have been honoured by the BBC's Make a Difference Awards. Zoe Harvey and Craig McMurrough were among eight winners were

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