Comic Book Resources got their hands on this box set early, and revealed that one of the unannounced goodies contained in this set is a page from the Sokovia Accords, which will come into play in the studio's first …
Movie Web · ByBrian Gallagher · 23 minutes ago
The first trailer for Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War,” which was viewed 61 million ... As is typical for previews of new Marvel or DC super-hero movies, the May release got more retweets, likes and comments …
The Wall Street Journal · 5 hours ago
This is a record for a first movie trailer which even beats "Star Wars." The third instalment of the adventures of "Captain America" will not hit theaters before the spring of 2016 but it is already eagerly anticipated. Its debut …
Yahoo News · 14 hours ago
Captain America
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With the first trailer for Captain America Civil War, we get to see what is going to happen in the movie. We see Bucky who appears to be cured of his brainwashing, and Captain America telling Bucky that he is being …
Movie Pilot · 10 hours ago
Captain America
Speaking to Good Morning America, JJ Abrams has confirmed that the absolute final cut of the film has been finished, and talks about the secrecy surrounding the film: Here’s the thing: I obviously don’t want to ruin …
Io9 · 8 hours ago
Bucky, who was a villain in the previous Captain America movie, is now being tracked down by the government to pay for his crimes. However, he is able to convince Rogers that he is a changed man. Captain America
The Inquisitr · 11/26/2015
Captain America
As we go into this holiday weekend, we all can take the opportunity to consider what we’re thankful for. And I, for one, am thankful for this new trailer for Captain America: Civil War. Sort of. This makes for a pretty …
Patheos · 11/25/2015
Captain America
We got our hands on the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2 Box Set, which is full of items and props seen in the movies. One item in particular caught our eye (as it's from the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie) …
IGN · 3 hours ago
Civil War
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I was extremely suspicious going into "My All American," considering how this movie had a 33 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, 38 percent on Metacritic and one out of four stars on I had seen enough bad …
Reading Eagle · 22 hours ago
Marvel gave fandom something to really be thankful about this week, when they unleashed the trailer for one of next year’s most anticipated movies, ‘Captain America: Civil War’. The trailer accomplished many …
Science Fiction · 11/28/2015
Captain America