Just when you thought reality TV had fully explored the outer edges of good taste and sense (Amish Mafia or Naked and Afraid, anyone?), along comes Czech television with a new Nazi-themed show. Holiday in the …
The Canberra Times · 17 hours ago
reality show
Their hit show may have ended on Discovery Channel, but the feud is far from over between Lebanon Levi and Merlin Miller, the two conflicting stars of Amish Mafia. The two former heads of respective Amish Aid organizations found their feud renewed after ...
ENSTARS · 5/13/2015
I thought maybe he was talking about Amish Mafia star (and TV producer) Esther Schmucker, who previously revealed that she had turned TLC on to her cousins Abe and Andrew Schmucker, but Jeremiah uses a …
Starcasm · ByAsa Hawks · 5/21/2015
Breaking Amish
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"Lebanon” Levi, star of Discovery Channel's Amish Mafia and author of a new book called Amish Confidential, comes under fire from his nemesis Merlin, who calls him a "money-hungry Amish playboy," claiming Levi exposed Amish secrets for only his own …
The Huffington Post · 5/13/2015
NEW YORK – When you think of an Amish community, you think of a life without technology, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of scandals and secrets behind those beards and bonnets. Discovery Channel’s “Amish Mafia” star “Lebanon ...
FOX News · ByDiana Falzone · 4/2/2015
Lancaster County, Pa., is home to the nation's oldest Amish settlement, dating back more than 300 years. Some 50,000 Amish live there, simply and humbly. But behind the horse-drawn buggies and rolling hills there is said to be an American sub-culture ...
ABC News · ByLinsey Davis · 8/27/2013
"Amish Mafia — Season 3": Dark secrets of the underground ring in Amish country are revealed. "American Hercules: The Legend of Babe Ruth": Documentary looks at the life of the man known as "The Babe."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette · 5/22/2015
Within the rolling hills of rural Pennsylvania, sects of Amish live out a seemingly modest existence, caring for their families and living lives of deep religious significance. But beneath the veil of their seemingly idyllic lifestyle lies something much ...
Daily Mail · 11/29/2012
The two words together seem like an oxymoron. But, according to a new Discovery Channel show, they are not the oddest of pairings. "Amish Mafia" explores the world of Lebanon Levi and his gang of three men, Jolin, John and Alvin. Together, the four act as ...
Central Pennsylvania · ByJulia Hatmaker · 12/10/2012
This show was able to bring in over 3 million viewers during season 1 every single week. The show did have a huge fan base regardless of what people had to say about the show. Lebanon Levi and his mafia work hard to protect the Amish people from each …
Examiner · 12/22/2014
amish mafia
Amish Mafia is an American television series on the Discovery Channel. The series debuted on December 12, 2012.
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