Collect everyone's phone records. Three days after ISIS gunmen and suicide bombers killed 130 people in Paris, CIA Director John Brennan blamed surveillance restrictions that were imposed in response to information …
Reason · ByJacob Sullum · 10 minutes ago
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A company wishing to manufacture athletic shoes in Ohio, for example, considers what awaits it: Employees wanting decent wages and benefits, unions seeking representation, state and federal laws requiring that women and ethnic minorities be hired, state ...
The Huffington Post · ByDavid Macaray · 19 hours ago
federal laws
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She took the high road and reacted the same way most of us would by just ignoring him. But then he took it to the next level and said, "eff you, dumb B****!" Oh no, not the "B" word! She tore off her headphones prepared to …
PopSugar Celebrity · 1 day ago
Little Boy
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If you’re a rebellious young teen with a backwards baseball cap, odds are you’ll do whatever it takes to burst a few brain cells when you have the garage to yourself. But there has to be a better way to do it than …
Death And Taxes · 11/23/2015
Dumb kids
Savage foreigners as could be found in the ports and even pirates Frith and of the he induced to enter their old incursions for pay and such plunder as they could take. Dane that appellation being by sea across the the distinction of his origin in respect ... · 1 day ago
River Tyne
In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, French Muslims — from anonymous Internet users to heads of organisations — are calling for unity from their fellow Muslims in denouncing terrorism. "Salam alaykum, people. I am …
France 24 · 11/22/2015
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has a plan to fight ISIS online, and it’s only marginally less impractical than the crackpot censorship strategies suggested in Congress. Clinton talked about ways the …
Gizmodo · 11/20/2015
Hillary Clinton
When it comes to political guts within the Hatched (as in Hatch Act) fed family, postal unions tend to be bolder than their sister unions representing white collar civil servants and blue collar workers. And bigger. How else to explain the executive board ...
Federal News Radio · ByMike Causey · 11/16/2015
Postal Service
And now for your daily dumb Rex Ryan anecdote. This week started with the former New York Jets turned Buffalo Bills head coach naming Bills defensive end IK Enemkpali — he who broke Jets quarterback Geno …
YAHOO · 11/11/2015
Rex Ryan
'Dumb and Dumber To,' with Jim Carrey, left, and Jeff Daniels, was No. 1 at the box office this weekend. (Photo: Hopper Stone, AP) Making a Dumb and Dumber sequel 20 years later was a pretty genius idea after all. Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels' Dumb and ...
USA Today · ByBryan Alexander · 11/16/2014
For "Dumb and Dumber To," which arrives Nov. 14 — nearly 20 years to the day after the first movie opened — the road to the big screen has been a long, strange trip involving two major studios, a misbegotten prequel, an ugly lawsuit and an untold ...
Los Angeles Times · 10/5/2014