In late July, Netflix made the announcement that Once Upon a Time would be joining Netflix in August. Then, they made fans wait nearly five more weeks before actually releasing the series. That’s all water under the … · 8/28/2015
Once upon a time, Jackal and Hyena lived near each other, and Jackal was forever asking questions -- he wanted to know everything about his neighbor. But Hyena liked to keep to himself, and he tried his best to avoid …
Sun Herald · 13 hours ago
Die-hard Kelowna fans of the TV series Once Upon a Time are in for a special treat next weekend. Award-winning actress Lana Parrilla, best known as Mayor Regina Mills and The Evil Queen in the ABC adventure fantasy drama, will make a visit to the Il ...
Kelowna Capital News · 1 day ago
Lana Parrilla
In what appears to be more of a publicity stunt to capitalize on the immense popularity of Frozen, Storybrooke is looking more like Disneyworld than a classic fairytale world. The appeal of Once Upon a Time is grounded in the idea of reviving and expanding ...
PopMatters · 8/19/2015
A bow, some arrows, and so much red hair. Attendees at the expo also got to see the first few minutes of the premiere, and according to Access Hollywood, it picks up exactly where season four's finale ended. Emma has — spoiler alert — become the Dark ...
Cosmopolitan Magazine · 8/17/2015
Once Upon A Time filmed last week in Steveston, their stand-in for the fictional town of Storybrooke, where a large number of in and out of town fans gathered to watch the filming. The city of Steveston is very … · 8/27/2015
Time Season
Once upon a time, there was a woman who discovered she had turned into the wrong person.” Ann Tyler wrote this first line in “Back When We Were Grownups,” a book I haven’t read but which I first heard of …
Times-Leader · 13 hours ago
wrong person
"Once Upon a Time" Season 5 won't premiere until Sunday, September 27, but the first minute of the new season was just presented by Disney/ABC at D23. And now you can watch it in the video below. The clip starts with a replay of the very end of …
Moviefone · 8/17/2015
Once upon a time the Group of Seven countries ruled the world. The G7's economic policies had power and influence and their leadership was well respected by the markets. What the combined might of the US, Japan …
South China Morning Post · 8 hours ago
Many of “Once Upon A Time’s” villains have turned to the dark side because they’ve felt neglected and betrayed by their loved ones. They detach, leave their families behind, and choose to pursue power. This season’s villain strays from the ...
Examiner · 11/5/2014

Once Upon a Time

TV Series
A woman with a troubled past is drawn to a town in Maine where fairy tales are to be believed.
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