The running back Adrian Peterson’s appearance in Minnesota Vikings camp program is necessary in order for the professional American football franchise to live up to higher expectations for the 2015 NFL season. · 2 minutes ago
The long and drawn out ordeal of running back Adrian Peterson being traded (or not being traded) to the Dallas Cowboys is neverending. Even though it didn’t happen before or during the NFL Draft 2015, the rumors still …
The Inquisitr · 1 day ago
Adrian Peterson
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Adrian Peterson's appearance in Vikings camp is necessary in order for Minnesota to live up to higher expectations in 2015. But through some of the voluntary portion of workouts, he seems intent on continuing an …
NFL · 1 hour ago
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All of these running back options lead to the biggest question of whether or not Adrian Peterson is still a top target for the team. The Cowboys could still pull a last-minute deal for the running back who is expected to …
Sports World Report. · 2 hours ago
Dallas Cowboys
Vikings running back Adrian Peterson still hasn’t participated in any offseason work, but coach Mike Zimmer thinks he has an idea when Peterson will show up. Zimmer declined to give a specific date he’s expecting …
NBC Sports PFT · 16 hours ago
The NFL Players Association wants the NFL, its management council and Commissioner Roger Goodell held in contempt of court over the league's refusal to have an arbitrator issue a new ruling on Adrian Peterson's …
USA Today · 5/20/2015
Roger Goodell
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The NFL Players’ Association is sick of waiting around for the NFL to adjust its original punishment of former Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson and on Tuesday the union made its complaints formal. On …
Washington Post · 5/20/2015
Roger Goodell
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The dream of a Dallas Cowboys press conference with Jerry Jones in the middle flanked by Adrian Peterson and Greg Hardy sadly does not look like it will happen. But change Peterson with Ray Rice and the dream is …
Star Telegram · 1 hour ago
Greg Hardy
Jerry has to still be coveting Adrian Peterson. His presence would make the Cowboys a legitimate Super Bowl contender. As it stands now, the team has a non-descript group tailbacks. The threat of Murray helped …
Fox Sports · 21 minutes ago
The ninth annual 'AD' day or Adrian Peterson day will be held 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. on June 13 at Regan Park and Peterson will be present for the event. Peterson will speak at the event to express his upmost gratitude of …
Palestine Herald-Press · 21 hours ago
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