From the hit series Glee to his provocative American Horror Story anthology, Murphy has consistently broached the entertainment industry with needles of innovation and now he is back with yet another anthology series 'American Crime Story'! The …
Times of India · 2 hours ago
American Crime Story’s concept is attention grabbing as is, so I had high expectations for the premiere. I must say, as I had expected, the show really delivered. As an avid fan of American Horror Story, I was excited …
Georgetown Voice · 18 hours ago
As executive producer and director, Murphy composed shots throughout "The People v. O.J. Simpson" that are characteristic of "American Horror Story" with dark undertones and shots that move and zoom as the … · 7 hours ago
American Crime Story
Funko is going full-on patriotic today with its latest announcement of two “American” projects that are getting the Pop! Vinyl and Vinyl Idolz treatment. First up is “American Horror Story: Hotel.” Look for the three new figures in March.
DREAD CENTRAL · 1 day ago
Horror Story
Similarly, the prosecution — led by Clark (American Horror Story‘s Sarah Paulson) — begins to form a strategy for what seems like a slam-dunk win. But the series’ first hour hints at the strife ahead: Post-Rodney …
Yahoo News · ByKimberly Roots · 2/3/2016
American Crime Story
This week saw the debut of “American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson,” the cousin of the popular FX series, “American Horror Story.” And, I’m a little reluctant to say so, but it might have potential. The cast is strong — Cuba Gooding ...
Las Cruces Sun-News · 1 day ago
O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story (or TPvOJS:ACS for those of you super-fans of my unwieldy American Horror Story acronyms), I’ve gone from barely remembering anything about the case to being an armchair …
New York Observer · ByDrew Grant · 2/3/2016
O.J. Simpson” still was the highest-rated show on all of cable for the night. Created by “Glee” and “American Horror Story,” the anthology series drew a lot of hype before it started off its 10-episode run Tuesday …
New York Daily News · ByEthan Sacks · 2/4/2016
Close-ups linger too close for comfort and are often underscored by faint piano. Although it serves as a companion series to “American Horror Story,” Murphy’s latest project doesn’t need to dive into the supernatural …
Miami Student · 1 day ago
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(CNN)-- Get ready to be freaked out, "American Horror Story" fans. Creator Ryan Murphy used his Twitter account to announce that the latest in the anthology series, tweeting simply "AMERICAN HORROR STORY SEASON FOUR" with a picture that read …
CNN · ByLisa Respers · 3/25/2014

American Horror Story

Both physical and psychological horrors affect a decomposing family, workers and residents of an insane asylum, a coven of witch…
Both physical and psychological horrors affect a decomposing family, workers and residents of an insane asylum, a coven of witches, and a cast of circus freaks in this anthology series, focusing on the themes of infidelity, sanity, oppression, and discrimination.
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