Season 5 of the campy, horror series debuted Wednesday night on FX with Lady Gaga in the role of the 'Countess' and Matt Bomer playing her on · 22 hours ago
American Horror Story's Hotel Cortez is a relic from the past, in more ways than one. If you caught this week's season premiere, you may have been struck by a certain decor element: the Cortez's blocky carpet pattern.
PopSugar Celebrity · 12 minutes ago
Horror Story
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Okay guys, I’ve been putting this off all day, but I can’t avoid writing about the American Horror Story: Hotel premiere any longer. We’re just going to barrel through these notes, and then take a break and get pizza …
New York Observer · ByDrew Grant · 16 minutes ago
Horror Story
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Last night "American Horror Story" returned with a whole new plot, but can Lady Gaga and the new crop of brunette menfolk make up for the Jessica Lange's absence? Perhaps. Here's what happened. Set in Los …
Los Angeles Times · 18 hours ago
Lady Gaga
A season of American Horror Story debuting Lady Gaga was always going to be eventful. However, for the star herself, being on American Horror Story: Hotel was more about the story than the sex. SPOILER ALERT …
The Inquisitr · 4 hours ago
Horror Story
Much like Jerry McGuire had us at "Hello," American Horror Story: Hotel had us at Lady Gaga. The new installment of Ryan Murphy's FX anthology series premiered on Oct. 7 in a wash of mystery and macabre, and the …
US Magazine · 1 day ago
Lady Gaga
The fifth season of ‘American Horror Story’, subtitled ‘Hotel’, is the show’s first without star Jessica Lange presiding over the bacchanalia of weirdness. In her place steps another diva, the musician and …
High-Def Digest · ByJosh Zyber · 1 hour ago
Ryan Murphy was so impressed with Lady Gaga's performance in "American Horror Story" (AHS) season 5 that he already offered the superstar a role in the sixth season. The showrunner of "American Horror Story
The Christian Post · 5 hours ago
Lady Gaga
There's been nonstop buzz over Lady Gaga's onscreen debut on Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story: Hotel, and on Wednesday evening, viewers finally got a chance to see the pop star as the bloodthirsty hotel owner …
Hollywood Reporter · 4 hours ago
Lady Gaga
"American Horror Story" fell a little short of a same-day series record but still made quite an impression in its return Wednesday, as the "Hotel" installment of the franchise -- featuring Lady Gaga in her TV series debut -- …
Chicago Tribune · 2 hours ago
Horror Story
The beginning of a new season of “American Horror Story” is here, and with that, we are gladly here to present for you today the latest edition in our show podcast. These are always fun discussions, even thought at …
CarterMatt · 9 hours ago
Horror Story
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