31-year-old Amir Mirzae Hekmati, who was 28 at the time of the trip ... or draft a fabricated story and elicit a forced confession. The Islamist state of Iran is well known for eliciting forced and false confessions through threats and other methods ...
Front Page · 6/8/2014
The United States has denied that Iranian-born American citizen Amir Mirzai Hekmati ... just two weeks after his arrival. The elder Hekmati told ABC News he believes his son was forced into the confession that he is a double agent for the CIA.
Arutz Sheva · 12/21/2011
Iran's grotesque human rights violations, the rise in executions, or the fate of three Americans -- Amir Hekmati, Pastor Saeed Abedini and ... The fighting was so intense that residents were forced to flee into the harsh mountains. Kurdish men have been ...
Gatestone Institute · 3/14/2014
Conspicuously absent from that deal, however, is the release of three high-profile Americans the Iranians are holding as political prisoners ... There is even a “confession” video, but experts believe that Hekmati was forced to do it and that much ...
Breitbart News · 7/14/2015
Behnaz Hekmati, mother of Amir Mirzaei Hekmati, said in an email to The Associated ... The Iranian regime has a history of falsely accusing people of being spies, of eliciting forced confessions, and of holding innocent Americans for political reasons.”
The Seattle Times · 1/10/2012
Amir Mirzai ... the letter. Hekmati appeared on Iranian state television in December 2011 confessing in Farsi and English that he was a US spy. In the letter, Hekmati said that the charges were false and that he was forced to make the confession. · 9/12/2013
Amir Hekmati, an Arizona-born Iranian-American who had served ... forced to make a televised “confession” and forced to make spying allegations against high profile blogger Hossein Derakhshan. Saeed Malekpour, a 36-year-old web designer and …
Amnesty International USA · 1/9/2012
Iranian-American Amir Mirza Hekmati, who has been sentenced ... Iran's Supreme Court ordered a retrial last year, but he remains imprisoned. Hekmati also said that his televised confession was forced and was used to implicate him in trial.
Latinos Post · 9/12/2013
TEHRAN, Iran (CNN) - Amir ... Hekmati either worked for or was sent to Iran by the CIA are simply untrue," said department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland. "The Iranian regime has a history of falsely accusing people of being spies, of eliciting forced ...
Dallas Weekly · 1/10/2012
His family claim he was forced to make a false confession when he appeared on a state TV broadcast earlier this month. ‘We believe that this verdict is the result of a process that was neither transparent nor fair,’ Amir’s mother Behnaz Hekmati wrote ...
Metro · 1/9/2012