No dignity and no liberty for a nation which oppresses women and takes away their rights." Tawakkol Karman, is a member of Al-Islah, the Yemeni branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, which has benefited most from the electoral aftermath of the "Arab Spring
Gatestone Institute · 6/21/2012
Almost three years after popular uprisings toppled autocratic leaders in one of the most conservative corners of the world, a Thomson Reuters Foundation poll on 22 Arab states showed three out of five Arab Spring countries in the bottom five states for ...
Reuters · ByYara Bayoumy · 11/12/2013
She is a long-time campaigner for peaceful reform, women’s rights and press freedom in the Arab world, and played a key role in Yemeni protests during the Arab Spring in 2011. The 36-year-old was also a leading … · 11/20/2015
Arab Spring
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Successful uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt in the last year have sparked movements against dictatorships across the Middle East, North Africa, and the Gulf region. These movements call for democratization, new constitutions that protect equality, free ... · 11/1/2011
Women played an essential role in the Arab uprisings that swept the Middle East and North Africa all through last year. Yet as countries like Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya go through transitions, women are being marginalized and their rights sacrificed ...
Council on Foreign Relations · 3/8/2012
Kinda Zour, one of the Brides of Peace from Syria. As the films show, many countries have regressed on women's rights since the Arab Spring. A 2013 United Nations report found that 99.3 percent of women in Egypt are subject to sexual harassment ...
The Huffington Post · 6/4/2015
Outrage at her treatment spread across social media, making headlines the world over and causing media attention to flick—albeit briefly—from the cataclysm of the then ongoing Arab Spring ... leader on advancing … · 11/25/2015
“Fourth, women’s participation in civil and political ... Tunisia is what to do about the ex-dictator whose suppression of human rights and basic freedoms sparked the Arab Spring in the first place. Ben Ali, now 79, remains in exile at an undisclosed ... · 11/24/2015
Arab Spring
Opportunity Lives spoke with Paula Kweskin, a former human rights lawyer and producer of “Honor Diaries,” a highlight of the Censored Women’s Film Festival. In the wake of the Arab Spring, Kweskin’s research …
Bloger Her · 11/24/2015
Brave Women
CAIRO (Reuters) - Arab women played a central role in the Arab Spring, but their hopes the revolts would bring greater freedom and expanded rights for women have been thwarted by entrenched patriarchal structures and the rise of Islamists, gender experts ...
Yahoo News · ByYara Bayoumy · 11/12/2013