Although a short tease, the bit was a tuneful bridge into the thumping intro of Arcade Fire's “Reflektor” jam, “Here Comes the Night Time.”
Los Angeles Times · 8/5/2014
"Here Comes the Night Time" (live video) In the lead up to this year's Mardi Gras, Canadian indie rock icons Arcade Fire are looking back at both the Kanaval season and their Reflek...
Exclaim · 2/10/2016
Neither concert film nor behind-the-scenes doc nor avant-garde objet d’art, “The Reflektor Tapes” attempts to be all three at once, mirroring the musical hybridization that inspired Arcade Fire ... of “Here Comes the Night Time,” but another ...
Variety · 9/22/2015
Arcade Fire draw a mature indie rock audience, and it’s safe to assume plenty of fans fell asleep on Saturday (Sept. 28) before the band’s post-‘SNL’ NBC concert special, ‘Here Comes the Night Time.’ Luckily, the Creators Project is streaming ... · 9/30/2013
We also get the only (so far) North American performance from Arcade Fire this summer as they only have two ... the chant-alongs in Rebellion (Lies), the dance party in Here Comes the Night Man are all just the tip of the iceberg. If this is the only ... · 2/10/2016
Following their performance on Saturday Night Live, Arcade Fire debuted a half-hour concert special on NBC. Directed by Roman Coppola and featuring a plethora of celebrity cameos, the band played three songs from their new record, interspersed with short ... · 9/29/2013
Arcade Fire members Win Butler and Regine Chassagne made a rare appearance together ... Fire tunes like “Rebellion (Lies),” “Rococo,” “Haiti,” “Here Comes the Night Time” and a special performance of “Wake Up” featuring The National ...
Jambands · 1/16/2004
In Haiti, Arcade Fire aren’t headliners ... The touring band now includes a Haitian percussionist and prop maker; there’s a rara interlude in Here Comes the Night Time; onstage, they dress in carnival costume (offstage, Butler appears disguised ...
The Guardian · 2/26/2014
They're not actually working on anything official together (according to a tweet from Butler), but at least we got to hear that nifty keyboard-xylophone-steel drum jam sesh from Arcade Fire's studio ... vibes (think "Here Comes the Night Time" or "You ...
Billboard · 5/15/2015
He asks me for my favourite song of the past year or so. I learn that his is “Here Comes the Night Time” by Arcade Fire but, having been put on the spot, I suddenly find it impossible to think of the name of any song that has ever been written.
Financial Times · 5/23/2014

Here Comes the Night Time

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