When Jennifer Nechetsky Maupin’s son was diagnosed with autism in May 2014, she and her husband quickly started looking into early intervention therapies for him. Their employers’ insurance plans offered limited …
Dallas News · 1 day ago
autistic children
Children born to women with obesity and diabetes may have an increased risk of autism, a new study suggests. The children in the study who were born to women who were obese before becoming pregnant were nearly …
FOX News · 2/1/2016
Autism risk
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O’Donnell did damage control after her joke that she’d rather have “autistic triplets” than her troublesome teenage kids drew ire from the Internet. "I have two children with spectrum disorders," O'Donnell explained.
New York Daily News · 16 hours ago
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BENGALURU: As you enter Bubbles Centre for Autism, tracks from Disney’s Lion King will likely reach your ears. The children are rehearsing for a play at Chowdaiah Memorial Hall on Sunday. The script, adapted to …
The New Indian Express · 5 hours ago
Autistic Children
Experts from the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) highlighted various services available at the DHA facilities for differently-abled persons and emphasized on the need for early detection, social interaction and community …
Emirates247 · 1 day ago
Autistic children
The prospect of a developmental disability, such as autism, can be daunting, and sometimes alarming, for parents and caregivers of young children. However, although a child may meet the diagnostic criteria under the …
Examiner · 11 hours ago
early intervention
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Jill Albright Briesch says her family has been forced to absorb the cost of much of the therapy for her two sons, Alexander 5, left, and William, 3. (Photo: Jill Albright Briesch) AUSTIN, Texas -- When Jennifer Nechetsky Maupin’s son was diagnosed ...
USA Today · 2/6/2016
autistic children
... managed to insult every autistic person and advocate for autism in the world, or so it seems, during an appearance at Carolines on Broadway in New York City. Sure, the comedian’s children have given Rosie a run …
Celeb Dirty Laundry Entertainment News · 1 day ago
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CBS 42 · 8 hours ago
This innate ability may reduce the risk or lower the severity of autism in high risk children. The Yale School of Medicine study is the first to prospectively examine sex-related social differences in at-risk infants.
Psych Centra · ByRick Nauert · 2/11/2016
Ease Autism Severity