The BMW i8 can be called a lot of things but a supercar it is not. It’s a plug-in hybrid sports car alright, but it still has a lot of work to do until it can actually enter the exclusive segment the Audi R8 is part of. The R8 is …
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Audi R8
The BMW i8 is a stunningly beautiful plug-in hybrid with wicked acceleration. But it was also a lab where BMW introduced some innovative technology to use in future vehicles. BMW i8 eDrive technology offers superb …
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Owning or even just test driving the 2015 BMW i8 includes certain responsibilities. Among other things, you must always park it where people can find it. You must always hang around the car for at least a little while.
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For those of you paying attention, we've really ramped up the old Autoblog video game these days. Our new series Car Club USA joins Translogic and The List, and there are more Daily Drivers and Short Cuts than ever.
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Beauty Roll
A burnt BMW i8 just went up for sale on Craigslist for $13,000. Judging by the photos, a fire has destroyed the front part of … A burnt BMW i8 just went up for sale on Craigslist for $13,000. Judging by the photos, a fire …
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burnt BMW
Get ready for the new 2016 BMW i8 as it will be making its way to the market soon. BMW promises a whole new BMW i6 as they are making some improvements to the model. Too bad, the modifications will only be … · 1 day ago
A burnt-beyond-repair (salvage title) BMW i8 is listed for sale on Craigslist for $13,000 OBO (Or best offer). No word on cause of fire, but much of the car was destroyed by the blaze. “The 2014 i8 has 3200 miles on the …
Inside EVs · 10/7/2015
Burnt BMW
Right now, their garage contains a BMW i3 and an i8. What better way to compare all electric driving with plug-in hybrid driving than the real world experience of one family who does both? in his latest blog post, Peder … · 10/1/2015
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The 2015 BMW i8 plug-in hybrid sports coupe is a striking design that ... CHECK OUT: BMW Is First With Laser Lights As The 2015 i8 Enters Production We did experience a couple of discontinuities somewhere in the mix among power delivered to the …
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We were promised flying cars, teleportation and hover boards. We don’t have any of that. But now we have this: The BMW i8 and it’s a future that cannot get here soon enough. My body hurt. My mind was numb. I had just spent a week in Las Vegas for …
TechCrunch · ByMatt Burns · 1/29/2015