After spending a few days with a BMW i8, we can confirm the Germans have done their best to ensure this car is difficult to overturn. However, no piece of engineering can keep a vehicle from flipping when the driver hits …
Auto Evolution · 35 minutes ago
This is one of the first serious BMW i8 crashes. According to a Facebook post, this BMW i8 flipped over in Mexico City during a … This is one of the first serious BMW i8 crashes. According to a Facebook post, this …
BMW BLOG · ByHoratiu Boeriu · 1 day ago
Mexico City
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The sophisticated plug-in hybrid powertrain of the BMW i8 sports car has been rated the top engine in this year’s International Engine of the Year Awards, the official award of British publication Engine Technology …
FOX News · 6/18/2015
International Engine
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And no, the local drug cartels have nothing to do with it, I think! Mexico is a country of extremes, you have your middle class, the poor farmers and the wealthy drug lords. Usually news from this part of the world are …
Inautonews · 8 hours ago
involving the all-electric BMW i3 and plug-in hybrid sports car BMW i8 that runs on electricity and petrol. This new research programme will be conducted at the Future Mobility Research Lab located on the NTU campus …
Clean Tech · 7 hours ago
With a cinema campaign that has seen the all-new BMW i8 launched in an innovative and adrenaline-packed way, BMW and Cinemark have boosted this brand extension within BMW on the most effective platform: the …
Media Update · 5 hours ago
As humans, we have a Pavlovian response to guttural engine noises. We equate sound to power, and thus what is louder can be perceived by our brains to be faster. The BMW i8 has a tall order to convey that sense of … · 6/23/2015
A BMW engine has captured the 2015 International Engine of the Year award. This is a 1.5-liter three-cylinder petrol-electric hybrid in the BMW i8—the system is a combo of electric motor with 1.5-liter petrol engine. · 6/21/2015
A journalist in Mexico took a BMW i8 for a media test drive; nothing too fancy or unusual about that. However, the fact that this journo managed to flip the plug-in hybrid supercar, which then landed on its roof, now …
Motoroids · 4 hours ago
If you are to check out the video below, you will learn on how to not break the latest BMW i8. The EV vehicle might be well known for being energy efficient but the car is really poor in terms of durability. One example is with the doors of the car. · 1 day ago
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