According to reports from the Tulsa World, negotiations between Baby Veronica’s biological father and the ... “But after reviewing the facts of the case, it is clear that Veronica Brown should be solely placed with her father.” Biological parents, ... · 6/30/2015
Making his first public comments since ending the legal battle over "Baby Veronica" two years ago," Dusten Brown endorsed a set of proposed federal regulations that are meant to avoid the kind of adoption dispute that he endured. Not appearing in person ...
Oklahoma News · 5/14/2015
Veronica has lived in two homes. Two years with her adoptive family, in South Carolina. Two years with her biological father, a member of the Cherokee nation, in Oklahoma. All the while her life was in the hands of various courts in the American legal system.
National Journal · ByBrian Resnick · 7/10/2013
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An Oklahoma state court goes against the decision of the United States Supreme Court and decides the biological father of "Baby Veronica" can keep custody of the girl for now. CNN's Randi Kaye reports. Dusten Brown, the biological father, has always … · 9/4/2013
The adoptive parents at the center of the custody battle over baby Veronica are asking that the child's biological father and the Cherokee Nation pay the couple's legal expenses. The long custody battle between Matt and Melanie Capobianco, and Veronica's ...
Yahoo GMA · ByGillian Mohney · 9/30/2013
illustrates that the Justices made this case about race—in their minds—and not about tribal sovereignty in the law. By this flawed logic, the High Court ruled that Baby Veronica is somehow not Native enough to be protected by ICWA. Please support our ...
The Nation · 6/25/2013
This week, Baby Veronica finally went home — for good. She was adopted at birth by a South Carolina couple who raised her until she was just over 2 years old. Then she was sent back to live with her biological father, Dusten Brown, who had signed away ...
Yahoo News · BySusan Estrich · 9/25/2013
The last week of June ushered forth a history changing Supreme Court decision embroiled in controversy. While most in the United States were keenly aware of the repeal of DOMA, it was actually a decision made the previous day which held major … · 7/6/2013
Baby Veronica’s biological father, stepmother and paternal grandparents have filed court papers in Oklahoma to adopt the 3-year-old girl, a move that dissenting U.S. Supreme Court justices warned could happen and will likely complicate the custody dispute.
The Post and Courier · 7/9/2013
The Tulsa World reports the contempt case was dropped Thursday after Dusten Brown and the Cherokee Nation reached an agreement with Matt and Melanie Capobianco, who are the adoptive parents of 4-year-old Veronica. Brown faced contempt charges …
KOCO Oklahoma City · 1/17/2014