After the New York Times rejected his op-ed on the new construction, the artist launched a guerrilla-style swipe at both Gallery: Banksy's 'residence' in New York ... proclaims the terrorists won … "One World Trade Center is a non-event.
The Guardian · 10/29/2013
Banksy, the pseudonymous United Kingdom-based graffiti artist who is currently making his rounds in New York City, has proclaimed the One World Trade Center as the city’s “biggest eyesore.” In a brief op-ed piece, Banksy describes the … · 10/29/2013
Zemeckis has long been regarded as one of Hollywood's masters of spectacle ... "The only guy doing things like that now is Banksy." If the movie's final half-hour has people holding their breath, that has as much to do …
Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer · 10/8/2015
October 2013: During his month-long residency in NYC, British street artist Banksy created a Twin Towers tribute piece and, two weeks later, stated that One World Trade Center sucks and it should be replaced with better artwork. December 2014: The NY …
Gothamist · ByJen Chung · 9/11/2015
... contains blocked messages,” an apparent reference to an op-ed written by Banksy denouncing 1 World Trade Center. Banksy sent the article to The New York Times, a spokeswoman said, adding that editors asked him if he would create art of what …
New York Times · ByCara Buckley · 10/28/2013
The artist Banksy is not slacking during his month-long “residency” in New York. Last week the elusive artist managed to infuriate residents (and the mayor!) with not one but two mural tributes to the World Trade Center on 9/11: one in Tribeca and ...
New York Observer · ByDrew Grant · 10/16/2013
"The guy puts $20,000 on your wall!" This week Banksy moved to a different level, taking a direct shot at the development industry, publishing an op-ed piece mocking the design of One World Trade Center, which he referred to as a "disaster" and "104-floors ... · 10/29/2013
NEW YORK -- The elusive British graffiti artist Banksy, who has been writing and spray painting images on New York City buildings, is causing another sort of sensation with an essay condemning the design of the new World Trade Center as "a disaster."
CTV News · 10/29/2013
Conspiracy theories abound about who Banksy is—and how many powerful ... more political statements (a black silhouette of the World Trade Center’s twin towers, an orange flower blooming from one of them). It’s no surprise that his residency sparked ...
Daily Beast · ByLizzie Crocker · 11/7/2013
But by the time Banksy was done, New Yorkers were divided in their opinions. Some tweeted "Go home, Banksy!" Others declared their admiration. The turning point for many was an essay he wrote criticizing the building replacing the World Trade Center.
The Times-Picayune · 11/1/2013