Erosion has caused a huge hole to open in a beach in northern Australia. Surf Life Saving Queensland (SLSQ) tweeted a photo of the gaping hole at Jumpinpin Bar on North Stradbroke Island, off the coast of …
Mashable · 11/26/2015
massive hole
Swimmers were advised to stay away from this part of North Stradbroke Island after its collapse. (Photo: SLSQ/Twitter) For the second time in three months, an Australian beach experienced a massive collapse, this …
Yahoo News · 11/27/2015
Australian Island
The collapse of part of the beach on North Stradbroke Island in the state of Queensland is believed to have been caused by a slide triggered by erosion due to strong tides. The event left a hole about 330 feet long and 330 …
Daily Telegraph · 11/26/2015
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A hole "almost the size of a football field" has opened up at Jumpinpin bar on North Stradbroke Island, off south-east Queensland. Senior lifeguard Michael Bates said the beach had collapsed on the southern side of the …
ABC Online · 11/26/2015
Beach erosion
A young man died after a hole he dug on a Northern California beach collapsed and trapped him in the sand for at least five minutes, authorities said Tuesday. The man dug a roughly 10-foot-deep hole at Francis State Beach and was standing in it around 5 …
People · 7/24/2014
The Associated Press reported that a Northern California beach hole collapsed and trapped a young man underneath the sand for at least a good five minutes before he was able to be taken out by others on the beach. On Francis State Beach, Adam Pye ...
Examiner · 7/22/2014
North Straddie sinkhole does not = good swimming hole! Stay well back from edge & remember to ... cliff retrogresses backwards and sometimes it reaches the shore and collapses the beach," University of Queensland … · 11/26/2015
A beach hole collapsed around a young man named Adam Pye who became trapped in the cloying sand. While friends and bystanders frantically tried to free him from the sand trap, the rescue effort unfortunately failed to reach him in time. The incident …
The Inquisitr · 7/23/2014
The man was trapped after the sand collapsed around him. Friends managed to provide an airway as rescuers rushed to the scene. Edgartown fire rescue truck captain and highway department foreman Charlie Smith helped direct the sand removal operation …
Martha's Vineyard Times · 6/5/2015
Senior lifeguard Michael Bates told ABC the hole is “a little bit smaller than a football ... cliff retrogresses backwards and sometimes it reaches the shore and collapses the beach,” he said.
Axis of Logic · 11/26/2015
Sinkhole devours