But on Friday, Western cameras turned away, focusing intently on France. 9 held in deadly Beirut bombings It threw Western media's reporting into sharp relief, with strong criticism leveled at what some saw as hugely …
CNN · 11/17/2015
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Washington Post · 11/17/2015
Paris attacks
BEIRUT, Lebanon — How many bombs would have to go off in Paris before the next one would get the same reaction as a bomb in Beirut? Is it the frequency of horrific events that makes us numb to them, or the familiarity …
Global Post · 11/17/2015
Beirut bombings
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Dahiyeh, Beirut - What if Leila Taleb and her husband, Hussein Mostapha, had decided not to visit Leila's sister on that Thursday evening? What if they hadn't stopped en route to buy their three-year-old son Haidar his …
Al JAZEERA · 1 day ago
BEIRUT, Lebanon — It was a scene of chaos and confusion. Smoke filled the air and shattered glass crunched underfoot as the injured were raced away from the scene. Bodies lay strewn on the ground. A bomb had just …
KHOU · 11/19/2015
Beirut bombing hero
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Lebanese officials have arrested at least 16 people so far in relation to the Nov. 12 bombings in the country’s capital. Raids around the country dismantled “networks that were planning to carry out a series of similar …
Daily Beast · 11/20/2015
Beirut Bombings
The bombings in a busy residential and commercial area that is a stronghold for Lebanese Shi'ite movement Hezbollah were claimed by Islamic State. "Within 24 hours the network was arrested in the fastest uncovering of …
Reuters · 11/13/2015
Islamic State
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BEIRUT -- A car bomb exploded at a security checkpoint just east of the Libyan capital of Tripoli Tuesday. The bomb targeted a busy and major coastal road in the city of Khoms that connects the capital in the east to …
International Business Times · 7 hours ago
It might be nearly impossible to find a social media-using member of Western society whose Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter feeds were not filled with tributes to Paris this weekend — whether in the form of French flag …
Yahoo News · 11/17/2015
Paris attacks
Lebanese security forces carried out a series of arrests overnight, security sources said on Friday, as part of a crackdown launched after twin suicide bomb attacks killed 44 people in Beirut last week. Islamic State …
Voice of America · 11/20/2015
Travelers’ jitters are also likely to be greater in the weeks after the attacks in Paris that killed 130, the downing of a Russian airliner in Egypt that killed 224, the bombing in Beirut that killed 43 — all claimed by the …
New York Times · 24 minutes ago
Tougher Security Measures

Mohamad Chatah

Mohamad Bahaa Chatah was a Lebanese economist and diplomat. He was a member of Lebanon's Sunni Muslim community. Chatah was …
Mohamad Bahaa Chatah was a Lebanese economist and diplomat. He was a member of Lebanon's Sunni Muslim community. Chatah was born in Tripoli, Lebanon. He studied economics at the American University in Beirut and earned a doctorate at the University of Texas in the United States. Then he taught economics at his alma mater, University of Texas.
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