Johnita P. Due is assistant general counsel for CNN. The opinions expressed in this commentary are hers. (CNN)Once you've lost a parent or another loved one, it's hard to fully mourn the loss of somebody you don't …
CNN · 7/27/2015
Cosby Show
Ian offered a story this week claiming that Cosby attempted to interfere with her career when she was 16 and appearing on the Smothers Brothers’ show to sing her song “Society’s Child.” Also Read: Bill Cosby's …
TheWrap · ByTim Kenneally · 14 hours ago
Bill Cosby
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Larry Wilmore slammed Bill Cosby and used Monday's Daily News cover labeling the disgraced comedian as "America's Rapist" as a prop to get his points across. "I'm reading the New York Daily News today and …
New York Daily News · 23 hours ago
Bill Cosby
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The Cosby Show' cast in Season 6. (Photo: NBC, NBC via Getty Images) With new revelations about Bill Cosby continuing to surface — most recently, from a decade-old deposition obtained by the New York Times— the …
USA Today · 7/22/2015
Bill Cosby
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Janis Ian has revealed her own story about Bill Cosby telling fans that she was banned from his show because he thought she was “probably a lesbian”. On November 24, 1967, Janis Ian appeared on the CBS series …
Noise11 · 11 hours ago
who played Rudy Huxtable on “The Cosby Show.” Bill and Camille Cosby donated $20 million to the college in 1988. At the time, the gift was the largest single contribution to a black college. The funds were used in …
New York Times · 7/26/2015
Bill Cosby
In a bizarre new twist to the ongoing Bill Cosby rape allegations ... based on a chance meeting backstage at a television show. "Cosby was right in one thing. I am gay. Or bi, if you prefer, since I dearly loved the two men I …
Advocate · 3 hours ago
Janis Ian
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The latest turn in the Bill Cosby saga is pretty interesting ... Ian was set to perform the song on the Smothers Brothers’ TV show, and showed up with her mentor-slash-manager, a woman who was six or seven years …
The Frisky · 13 hours ago
Bill Cosby
When New York Magazine began planning its stunning cover of 35 women who accuse Bill Cosby of assault 30 women had come forward ... The footer photo (bottom of the page) seemed to show all of the women …
Poynter. · ByAl Tompkins · 16 minutes ago
No, I was not sexually bothered by Bill Cosby. We met because he was curious about me ... The Smothers Brothers took a huge gamble and had me on their hit television show. I was just sixteen years old when we …
Vulture · 4 hours ago
Bill Cosby