Nobody could begrudge Southend United’s Barry Corr his moment of glory at Wembley on Saturday after a career plagued by injuries and setbacks. The Irish striker is football’s Bionic Man; in a 13-year professional …
Daily Mail · 50 minutes ago
ATHENS — Nick Stafford thought he’d never be able to pursue his hobby of nature photography again. Stafford, 25, lost most of his right hand in a pellet mill accident in November 2012, and without the use of his fingers …
Centralmaine · 7 minutes ago
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Les Baugh lost his arms as a teenager. Engineers at Johns Hopkins are trying to give them back, but better. Mr. Baugh is testing a robotic prosthetic that he can control with his mind.
New York Times · 5/20/2015
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Robert Downey Jr. gave a 7-year-old boy his very own Iron Man arm. According to the Huffington Post, the actor showed up to meet Alex, thanks to Microsoft’s Collective Project. And Iron Man himself brought a gift …
The Inquisitr · 5/20/2015
The Bionic Man: First Person With Two Mind-Controlled Robotic Prosthetic Arms! Allow me to introduce you to Les Baugh, he’s the world’s first person to have prosthetic arms controlled by a human mind. Thanks to … · 5/21/2015
Les Baugh
Brain-controlled bionic limbs make headlines on a regular basis ... During the 14-month testing period, the company's two “first-in-man” subjects have worn the devices as their sole prostheses. Ossur checks the …
Popular Science · 5/20/2015
Using two computer chips in his brain and a bionic arm, a man paralysed 13 years ago can now pick up a bottle of beer and drink it unaided. Shot in the back in 2002, Erik Sorto has been unable to move his arms and …
International Business Times · 5/22/2015
His command of the strike zone is incredible, right now." Which begs the question: What if Harper really is The Bionic Man? In the classic TV program, Steve Austin was billed as better. He was "better, faster, stronger. · 5/18/2015
(SOUNDBITE OF TV SHOW, "THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN") RICHARD ANDERSON: (As Oscar Goldman) Gentleman, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world's first bionic man. SMITH: So Steve Austin …
NPR News · 5/15/2015
Robert Smith takes on The Six Million Dollar Man remake — The Six Billion Dollar Man — to see if spending that much is even possible on a bionic man. Smith asks economics professor Anwar Shaikh from the New …
Geek Wire · ByMolly Brown · 5/15/2015