Over the last few days the weather has been a little rough, but the fishermen who have gone fishing have caught a lot of fish. The trout fishing seems to just keep getting better and better. Saturday morning I put 40 good …
SavannahNow · 10/7/2015
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The long weekend was a busy one on and off the water. Temperatures reached in excess of 30 degrees Celsius and the winds mostly stayed away. Bait fishermen had the better rub of the green, with the majority of the …
Yass Tribune · 10/9/2015
BOISE, Idaho — A hunter camping in central Idaho woke up when a black bear started biting his head, and he couldn’t get medical care for three days because he was in such a remote wilderness area. Idaho Fish
PIX11 · 10/10/2015
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(Photo: Idaho Department of Fish and Game) And then he realized a bear was biting at his head. "He got a hold of my head, and that's what woke me up," the Boise resident, who was in the area hunting bighorn sheep …
Poughkeepsie Journal · 10/8/2015
Fishing Best Bets: Cooling water has fish biting Coastal water temperatures still are in the low 80-degree range, but fish have noticed the downward trend, and they've been biting. Check out this story on news-press.
The News-Press · 10/1/2015
KARACHI: Fish exporters are feeling the pinch of a downtrend in global prices, with some of them saying foreign buyers are not ready to purchase Pakistani seafood products even at lower rates. Exports volume of fish
Dawn · 10/9/2015
This is the second head biting by a bear in Idaho this year, according to Idaho Fish and Game reports. Jon Rachel, State Wildlife Manager, attributes the wandering bears to a lack of berries-a primary food source for …
KCCI 8 Des Moines · 1 day ago
(Photo: Capt. Andy) Grossman also surmised that the back bay bridge bite should be firing off. “Drop a few live eels around the icebreakers of the bridges. Fish where the current isn’t, in the eddies around the …
Courier Post · ByNick Honachefsky · 10/9/2015
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He yelled when he realized a bear was biting at his head. “He got a hold of my head ... Vouch was treated Monday at a hospital for cuts to his head and released. Idaho Fish and Game officials estimate that the male …
ABC 8 WRIC · 10/11/2015
black bear
Over the course of the last few years my thinking started to change and it all has to do with the fall fishing bite. With winter on the way ... it sights on my jig and engulf it in seconds. The fish turned it's head downstream …
ABC 2 News · 10/11/2015