Geneva Lake remains in the summer patterns, although the bite throughout the lake has been off some. There are still fish to be caught but the game fish bite has been reduced. Largemouth bass fishing has been spotty throughout the lake. The best ...
Walworth County Today · 8/24/2015
On average, the USDA estimates that 429 pounds of food per American was lost, including 82 pounds of dairy, 81 pounds of vegetables, 59 pounds of fruit and 49 pounds of meat, poultry and fish. The figures don’t …
Wall Street Journal · 21 hours ago
His best fish was a 13-pound catfish. Jack Miller, Hesperia, had a 10-pound catfish on a lug worms off the marina rocks. Tanner Finn, Rancho Cucamonga, had 10 stripers to two pounds fishing Twin Coves (and he …
Victorville Daily Press · 1 day ago
Fishing Report
I received the following email from Nathan Swilling: Wayne, I’m up for a week of vacation at Moose Pond and looking even for some general info on where to target bass on Moose Pond. I was searching the internet and found this article from last year.
Seacoast Online · 8/17/2015
Moose Pond
“I caught my two biggest fish right away — both over 5 pounds — and I thought for sure I was about to catch the biggest limit of smallies I’ve ever weighed,” he said. “I managed to find another 3-pounder, but then …
Macomb Daily · 7 minutes ago
Bassmaster Elite
Between now and when the water starts to cool back down is the low point of the summer fishing season. The trout are just trying to find cool, oxygenated water, so you have to troll deep to find them and hope they will bite. Even bass fishing in ponds and ...
Current Publishing Keep ME Current · 8/25/2015
smallmouth bass
Yesterday's North wind changed our normal fishing pattern up a bit. Out 'hot Spots' were not! After a little adjusting Capt. Kevin put a limit of keeper reds in the boats and the clients had smiles everywhere.
Louisiana Sportsman · 8/26/2015
During this time of the summer, the fish could be feeding at any time from morning on. There could be two or three bites during the day. So, if the fish stop biting or slow down, instead of waiting for them to start feeding …
Chicago Tribune · 8/23/2015
... down to winter pool levels the increased current should help the summertime ledge bite. The draw down also helps another one of my favorite ways to catch fish and that is in the grass. The yearly draw down helps to expose the many grass beds that are ...
Kentucky New Era · ByFrank Flack · 8 hours ago
The fishing is slowing down as it always does this time of year. Bait fish are large and plentiful so the walleye don’t have to work very hard to satisfy their appetite. This also means they won’t work very hard to take … · 8/17/2015
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