The black piranha (Serrasalmus rhombeus) has been crowned the pound for pound biting champion of the fish world, by Guillermo Ortí, of George Washington University. The fierce fish ranks high in bite strength among all other vertebrates as well.
Discovery Communications · 12/21/2012
"I go 'this looks like a piranha, sorta, something's not right!'" said Blanc. "It was like a big pan-sized perch." Blanc said a typical catch in the Delta waters would include catfish, blue gill and crappie. Pacu typically prefer warmer waters and are ... · 8/18/2015
A swarm of carnivorous fish attacked more than 70 swimmers at a popular beach in Argentina on Christmas Day, a medical official said on Thursday. Seven children lost part of their toes or fingers in the attack, and a seven-year-old girl had to have her ... · 12/27/2013
ORANGE BEACH, Alabama-- Homebuyers are back at the Fish Camp off Wolf Bay in Orange Beach. Local builders hope it signals an uptick in the demand for new homes at the beach and back bays. Homebuilder Brian Wright bought the remaining seven … Bloggers · ByKathy Jumper · 7/19/2012
Find all your favourite bits from today's Bite magazine, online. Follow the hyperlinks in Jo Elwin's editor's letter and lose yourself in Pan-fried fish recipe by Geoff Scott can be found on Photo / Tamara West Not a week goes by ...
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A swarm of biting fish injured more than 70 people who were bathing at a popular beach in Argentina on Christmas, a medical official said on Thursday. A seven-year-old girl had her finger partially amputated and dozens more suffered bite wounds on their ...
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But bass aren't the only fish biting at Table Rock in the fall. "Green sunfish can be very fun for novice as well as experienced anglers who use small, spinner-type lures and grubs in shallow water near the bank," said Bush. No matter which species you ...
St. Louis Post-Dispatch · 10/16/2011
Sure, we all made jokes when the Pacu, an exotic fish species with an unusual (and apparently false) reputation for biting at people’s junk, was found in a Denmark River recently. But now one has been discovered in Passaic, New Jersey, just 15 miles ...
TheMarySue · 9/25/2013
“Tim’s catch goes to show the fish are clearly still biting and the locals are currently showing our interstate participants how it’s done. “I encourage everyone to get out on the water and tell your family and friends …
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NEW YORK — Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, as the saying goes, male skinny-dippers in Scandinavia are being warned about a fish infamous for munching on testicles. Yes, you read that right. The Pacu, native to South …
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Speckled perch picked up at Tenoroc over the weekend with cooler weather. Anglers caught 1.61 specks per hour overall Friday through Monday, reports FWC biologist Keaton Fish. And catches were better on lakes 2, 3, 4, 5 and B. Limits should be on the ... · ByDel Milligan · 11/19/2015
Speckled perch