An underwater camera captured (below) the moment a fish bit a man’s nipple in a lake in Utah. Wyatt Green, an employee at Boater’s Outlet in Lake Powell, Utah, is seen in the clip enjoying a relaxing day in the lake while fish swim around him.
Opposing Views · 8/12/2015
Fall is finally here in Central Iowa! In some regards I wish New Year's Day was Oct. 1, because it is so much more enjoyable than Jan. 1. Just think, celebrating the New Year as the leaves are turning colors while you BBQ with your friends and family.
Times-Republican · 10/11/2014
Watch out, France. The infamous testicle-biting fish appears to be on the move. After a fisherman discovered a pacu in the strait of Oresund earlier this year, authorities warned Scandinavian swimmers to be wary while skinny-dipping. Now that a pacu was ...
The Frisky · 9/5/2013
A Danish professor said a South American fish was found in Danish waters He said the fish may ... it is very unlikely that you would actually meet one here and that it would bite you. It's up to people themselves how careful they want to be.
KCTV5 News · 8/16/2013
Last weekend, south Jersey resident Ron Rossi and his son Frank were fishing in the manmade Swedes Lake in Burlington County when they caught a fish that typically isn’t indigenous to the area. “I’ve never seen anything like that before in the lake ...
Death And Taxes · 6/24/2015
It's time to fish In winter, it’s guaranteed to be cold. The fish might not bite. But you’ll have less competition. And there is something special about fishing, hiking, camping or hunting in the snow. Check out this story …
The News Leader · 1/29/2016
Some reports say some males swimmers have bled to death after the bites. One fish in a very large body of water is not a problem, but no one knows if there might be a few more. Of course, the odds of anything happening are next to zero, but the situation ...
Planet Save · 8/12/2013
Folks have been catching fish of the saltwater variety, and now the deer have begun to move about during daylight hours, even in southeastern Mississippi. In fact, I watched a small doe and her lone fawn from my back porch near Purvis at 7:30 a.m. this ...
Hattiesburg American · ByPhil Difatta · 1/8/2016
The main characteristics of Saksang are its good smell and biting, hot, spicy taste. Tempoyak is made of fermented durian and eaten with rice as a side dish. Sometimes it is served with fish (Gulai Ikan Patin) … · 4 hours ago
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With decent weather last weekend, lots of boats and crews went fishing. The King Buster 400 tournament was Friday and Saturday. About 140 anglers, both juniors and adults, weighed only about 35 fish. It was tough going out there, with some of the best ...
The Florida Times-Union Jacksonville · 6/15/2011