All fish were biting last week, regardless of species. That’s the report from Don Roscovius, owner of Rosco’s Live Bait Shop. He said there was a good bite last weekend for most species that are normally caught …
La Crosse Tribune · 2/3/2016
Live Bait
Anglers have the option of moving shallower for the morning and evening bite. Most anglers on Upper Red Lake fish in larger groups because the lack of structure makes it harder to know where to fish. Sometimes there can …
Bemidji Pioneer · 8 hours ago
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Continued to drift north while dragging a flat line bait and vertical jigging inwards from 480 to 180 feet. Metered some fish on the wreck just north of the inlet, but luck was not with me, I missed a fish on bait and got bit off …
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Experienced sheepshead anglers have learned to live with it, the unfelt bites, the missed fish, the broken hooks left by the one that got away. They can be spotted fishing off by themselves, babbling nonsense and …
Tallahassee Democrat · 1/28/2016
I decided to fish the flats and avoid the current. I fished upstream from the wind and drifted down. I met a fellow fisherman who gave me his jerk bait. The bite was on. I caught a trophy bass and five others. Thank you to …
The Tennessean · ByMike Organ · 1 day ago
Fishing report
The kingfish and cobia save the day offshore, while the bite in the backcountry depends on the water temps. It was a generally slow week offshore for sailfish. Those who put in the time found fish, just not in big numbers.
Keys Net · 4 hours ago
For another thing, the weather gets warmer and can also be more stable. That means the fish will be in a biting mood more of the time, and fish that are in a biting mood will be easier to catch. Small ponds are abundant …
Ames Tribune · 17 hours ago
Oyster Bah in Lincoln Park features all sorts of delicious sea creatures culled from the U.S. coasts and Canada — fish, crab, clams, oysters and more — on its menu, but one dish stands out as particularly memorable.
Chicago Tribune · 2 hours ago
However, the monkeys on the island eat fish washed ashore, grabbing them with both hands and biting into them. A woman who visited the island to sightsee at the end of last year was surprised at the sight, saying she …
Japan Times · 2/3/2016
eating monkeys