When I have kids or novice anglers in the boat, I fish for whatever is biting best. Sunfish on spawning beds? Perfect. Rock bass near a beaver lodge? Outstanding. Largemouth bass in lily pads at sunset? Nothing better.
scout · 10 hours ago
Fish to 50cm were common in St Georges Basin ... they proved to be a real pest when joined offshore by leatherjackets and green toads. Kingfish are biting well at Montague Island. One group of four anglers did well …
The Canberra Times · 1 day ago
Golden perch
The pacu fish looks like a piranha but instead of razor teeth has flat, almost human choppers. It’s notorious for biting the testicles of swimmers and fishermen in the Amazon, the Daily Mail said. The Jersey pacu may have been in someone’s exotic ...
New York Post · ByTodd Venezia · 6/25/2015
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Ron Rossi from Delran, Burlington County (New Jersey) was fishing with his son Frank on Sunday at Swedes Lake, in New Jersey when they made a rare catch. They initially thought that it was a piranha until they …
HNGN · 6/24/2015
Pacu Fish
Both fish have been almost non-existent along the inshore ocean waters. There are still plenty of bunkers out in the ocean, but nothing has been on them. If you are a bottom fisherman you have been fairing much better, as June sea bass fishing was as good ...
North Jersey · ByJim Freda · 16 minutes ago
striped bass
Swim baits, jigs and Carolina or Texas rigs are catching fish. Early mornings and late afternoons top-water lures such as spooks, Pop-R's and buzz baits are provoking bites. At night, Carolina and Texas rigs, jigs and …
Knoxville News Sentinel · 15 hours ago
Fishing report
Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, a man and his son discovered a rare Amazonian fish known to have a thing for testicle biting. The duo caught the Pacu Fish, also known as the “Nutcracker … · 6/25/2015
Testicle Biting
The problem they are having is that, even though they can see big fish in the water, the fish aren't biting and they have been there various days and times but still no luck. It's a small like as well with clear water. They …
The Ultimate Bass Fishing Resource Guide · 1 day ago
The Chinook salmon run at Foster Dam is the best in years, but some local fishermen are wondering where the fish are going. “They’re just not biting,” said Jim Slater-Roth of Sweet Home Friday morning as he … · 6/25/2015
Salmon run
If you're looking for good numbers of fish your best bet is to hit the grass flats early in the morning or just before the sun goes down in the evening. The redfish bite has been decent as well. It sounds like a fair amount of …
Pensacola News Journal · ByChris Phillips · 1 day ago