Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, a man and his son discovered a rare Amazonian fish known to have a thing for testicle biting. The duo caught the Pacu Fish, also known as the “Nutcracker … · 6/25/2015
Testicle Biting
The Chinook salmon run at Foster Dam is the best in years, but some local fishermen are wondering where the fish are going. “They’re just not biting,” said Jim Slater-Roth of Sweet Home Friday morning as he … · 6/25/2015
Salmon run
Dennis Palmatier of Murphy’s Hook House in Toms River is telling his customer that the fluke bite on the beach is pretty good. Bring bucktails and teaser and fish the holes near the sand bars. Move around, he said …
Asbury Park Press · ByJohn Oswald · 7/3/2015
Fluke bite
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LAKE OF THE OZARKS, Mo. — Fishing continues to be good, and, according to local pro Jim Dill, it should be this way for a few more weeks at the Lake, as Ameren generates power and allows plenty of water through …
Lake Expo · 6/26/2015
One of my favorite past times when I am on a fishing trip, besides fishing, is to stop into the local fishermen’s hangout and listen to the conversation. I began doing this to collect information while pre-fishing an upcoming tournament. It is a great ...
Public Opinion · 6/25/2015
barometric pressure
White bass will be found in faster water. Drum can be caught using baits and lures used for other fish. Best catches have been for blue and flathead catfish using live bait on the bottom. Water conditions at Arkabutla …
Desoto Times Tribune · 14 hours ago
Bass biting
If you don't have a good bite in 15 minutes, move. Once cats start biting, the action will eventually slow because you've caught all the active fish. When you haven't had a solid bite in five minutes, it's time to find another …
Gazette Xtra · 7/5/2015
Also, only one added gene was needed to turn the Yersinia pestis bacterium into a killer, and only one tiny mutation in that gene was needed to give it two ways of spreading — by cough or by flea bite, said Wyndham …
New York Times · 13 hours ago
He, too, scored first, biggest and most. His best fish was just over 7 pounds – a “lunker” for sure. Take a look. The “good news, bad news” thing is working here. Good news that there is a top water bite; bad news that it needs to be hot to make ...
Napa Valley Register · ByBill Ryan · 7/3/2015
Here’s a game of Sophie’s Choice for you: What’s more disconcerting, a Chris Christie presidential bid or the prospect of having your testicles chomped on by some sort of evil nightmare fish that possesses human-like teeth? According to Dangerous ...
Philebrity · 6/26/2015