Officials believe it was a case of mistaken identity, and that the shark intended to bite the fish and got the human instead. The boy's mother, Misty Lamb, told KHOU-TV that she expects her son to make a full recovery.
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Shark bites teen boy swimming in Galveston The boys were swimming when they were surrounded by a school of fish when the shark moved in. Check out this story on
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BLYTHE - The first tournament took place September 20, and the Blythe Bass Club was represented by 14 boats. Jim Grimes, the Tournament of Champions winner, picked up right where he left last year, this time …
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On Tuesday, city council members approved a recommendation from the Main Street advisory board to install a $10,000 sculpture of a Guadalupe bass in downtown as part of the ongoing art in public places project. Funds for the project were generated …
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On Sunday, a 14-year-old boy became the 11th shark bite victim in Volusia County ... marine biologist David Shiffman advises to grab the fish's eyes, or even its gills, instead. (Video via Discovery) In this case the teen …
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“The incident appears to be a case of mistaken identity where the shark was attempting to feed on schooling fish,” Harrison said. “There have been approximately 10 reported shark bites in the past 20 years according to Galveston Island Beach Patrol ...
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If you receive a bite stop the lure, open your bail arm and let the lure drop for four to five seconds. Re-engage the reel and repeat the slow wind back past the area you received the hit. This will imitate a small shrimp or …
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Clear days are forecast most of this week. Until the oxygen levels are closer to normal, the ODNR said don’t expect remaining fish to bite. “I think I’m going to do more hiking than fishing today,” Jackson said.
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"We were just sitting out there and he decided to go into the water, so I went with him," Anderson said. "We went really deep and then felt fish so we came in more to where it was waist deep."
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Andy's Fish House delivers, but there's a catch. You have to be in a boat and under the bridge. What's up with that? Restaurant owner Andy Gibbs delivers food by fishing pole. He reels it over the side of the bridge, about a 40-foot drop to the river below.
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