Fishermen should look for diving birds and oil slicks to find schools of feeding trout. To find a more consistent legal-fish bite, Rutland said he fished out of Fowl River this week and targeted deeper water around Middle … · ByJeff Dute · 1 day ago
The Chinook salmon run at Foster Dam is the best in years, but some local fishermen are wondering where the fish are going. “They’re just not biting,” said Jim Slater-Roth of Sweet Home Friday morning as he … · 6/25/2015
Salmon run
I missed another a short time later. Returning to the same spot last Friday, with bunker and clams, the results weren’t good, but there were plenty of a bites. Fish were picking up the bunker chunks left and right, but …
Asbury Park Press · ByJohn Oswald · 6/21/2015
Bass biting
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One of my favorite past times when I am on a fishing trip, besides fishing, is to stop into the local fishermen’s hangout and listen to the conversation. I began doing this to collect information while pre-fishing an upcoming tournament. It is a great ...
Public Opinion · 6/25/2015
barometric pressure
LAKE OF THE OZARKS, Mo. — Fishing continues to be good, and, according to local pro Jim Dill, it should be this way for a few more weeks at the Lake, as Ameren generates power and allows plenty of water through …
Lake Expo · 6/26/2015
The record-breaking numbers of shark bites might be related to an unseasonably hot June that rapidly raised ocean temperatures off North Carolina and prompted fish to migrate north earlier than usual, said Chuck …
WSOC-TV · 7 hours ago
Ocracoke Island
When I have kids or novice anglers in the boat, I fish for whatever is biting best. Sunfish on spawning beds? Perfect. Rock bass near a beaver lodge? Outstanding. Largemouth bass in lily pads at sunset? Nothing better.
scout · 1 day ago
If you're looking for good numbers of fish your best bet is to hit the grass flats early in the morning or just before the sun goes down in the evening. The redfish bite has been decent as well. It sounds like a fair amount of …
Pensacola News Journal · ByChris Phillips · 7/2/2015
Here’s a game of Sophie’s Choice for you: What’s more disconcerting, a Chris Christie presidential bid or the prospect of having your testicles chomped on by some sort of evil nightmare fish that possesses human-like teeth? According to Dangerous ...
Philebrity · 6/26/2015
A species of invasive fish native to South America and known for its human-like teeth has been caught in a Southern New Jersey lake, but the animal’s reputation for biting off men’s testicles is overblown, according …
The Inquisitr · 6/25/2015
Teeth Found
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