ORANGE BEACH, Alabama-- Homebuyers are back at the Fish Camp off Wolf Bay in Orange Beach. Local builders hope it signals an uptick in the demand for new homes at the beach and back bays. Homebuilder Brian Wright bought the remaining seven … Bloggers · ByKathy Jumper · 7/19/2012
I hate to say that fishing is as good as it gets. Invariably, someone's going to go, not find the fish just jumping into the boat, then cuss me for sending them on a wild goose chase. More likely, the fishing gods get wind of it and either out of pure ... · ByJeff Dute · 5/17/2012
In a lifetime of fishing for winter steelhead on Oregon’s Alsea River, Stan Steele has seen it get harder and harder to hook into hatchery-bred fish. Instead, he has found he is more likely to hook the wild variety, whose numbers have declined.
The Columbian · 4/27/2014
"I go 'this looks like a piranha, sorta, something's not right!'" said Blanc. "It was like a big pan-sized perch." Blanc said a typical catch in the Delta waters would include catfish, blue gill and crappie. Pacu typically prefer warmer waters and are ... · 8/18/2015
Biting fish had their own Christmas Day meal consisting of people’s toes and fingers when more than 70 bathers were attacked by a carnivorous mass of biting palometa fish, “a type of piranha, big, voracious and with sharp teeth that can really bite ...
Examiner · 12/26/2013
Saturday's Minnesota fishing opener is shaping up to be one for the books. The forecast for Saturday, if it holds, will be pleasant for most of the state. Unlike the past two years, ice is out everywhere. And most important, the state fish, walleyes, are ...
TwinCities Pioneer Press · ByDave Orrick · 5/6/2015
A testicle-biting fish native to the Amazon is causing concern among swimmers in Scandanavia after an 8-inch specimen was caught in a strait between southern Sweden and the Danish island of Zealand. The pacu is a piranha-like fish that grows up to three ...
Outside · 8/11/2013
A seven-year-old girl had her finger partially amputated and dozens more suffered bite wounds on their extremities from the fish, a relative of the piranha called "palometas," said Federico Cornier, the director of emergency services in the city of Rosario.
Reuters · 12/30/2013
October 16, 2011 11:30 am • BY JOHN GIFFORD • Special to the Post-Dispatch BRANSON, Mo. • The fog that had settled over the water earlier in the morning began to lift with the rising sun, and soon trees on the opposite bank came into view, their ...
St. Louis Post-Dispatch · 10/16/2011
Fish and Game marine biologist Robert Eckert recommends a family fishing excursion in salt water right now, as the fish are biting and the weather is great both off shore and along the surf zone. "Party boat companies along the coast are now doing half-day ...
WMUR · 7/24/2013