Patches of green and brown, with Pikes Peak rising above, ring Rampart Reservoir, which opened to the public Friday after nearly a year. PIKE NATIONAL FOREST- Tom Tassia remembers what it was like to revisit his favorite fishing spots after the largest ...
Colorado Springs Gazette · 5/25/2013
Watch out, France. The infamous testicle-biting fish appears to be on the move. After a fisherman discovered a pacu in the strait of Oresund earlier this year, authorities warned Scandinavian swimmers to be wary while skinny-dipping. Now that a pacu was ...
The Frisky · 9/5/2013
The fishing forecast for central Florida's freshwater anglers for this week includes a new moon phase which arrives today and a weather forecast consisting of a high pressure system and greater chances of rainfall than we've experienced in the first half ...
Highlands Today · 9/5/2013
Fishing Best Bets: Cooling water has fish biting Coastal water temperatures still are in the low 80-degree range, but fish have noticed the downward trend, and they've been biting. Check out this story on
The News-Press · 10/1/2015
Oregon is preparing to segregate several wild and hatchery salmon and steelhead runs on coastal rivers. A federal judge recently intervened to separate wild and hatchery fish on the Sandy River, perhaps by reducing production or even ending the popular ...
OregonLive · ByBill Monroe · 1/24/2014
(CNN) — A discovery in a Danish-Swedish strait has experts warning male skinny-dippers to beware! Experts say they should watch out for this fish, infamous for biting testicles. A fisherman discovered it recently in Scandinavia. It’s called a Pacu and ...
Fox 8 Cleveland · 8/12/2013
BUENOS AIRES - A swarm of biting fish injured more than 70 people who were bathing at a popular beach in Argentina on Christmas, a medical official said on Thursday. A seven-year-old girl had her finger partially amputated and dozens more suffered bite ...
ABS-CBN News · 12/27/2013
A Danish professor said a South American fish was found in Danish waters He said the fish may ... it is very unlikely that you would actually meet one here and that it would bite you. It's up to people themselves how careful they want to be.
KCTV5 News · 8/16/2013
Fall is finally here in Central Iowa! In some regards I wish New Year's Day was Oct. 1, because it is so much more enjoyable than Jan. 1. Just think, celebrating the New Year as the leaves are turning colors while you BBQ with your friends and family.
Times-Republican · 10/11/2014
Just how the exotic fish ended up in Scandinavian waters is a bit of a mystery, the museum said. “Amateur aquarium owners and fish farmers are “the usual suspects” when we meet fish where they do not belong,” said the museum’s Peter Rask Moller.
KDVR Fox-31 · 8/11/2013