From 1959 to 2006, about 11 cables needed repair; fish bites accounted for 0.5% of total cable faults. From 2007 to 2014, no cable faults were attributed to sharks. The reduction in shark-related faults can be attributed …
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Shark threat
ICE ICE BABY — The right fishing conditions involve a lot of variables to get the fish to bite: weather, time of day, noise, shadows, bait, patience and many more that an expert would be happy to discuss with you. Regardless of the variables and your ...
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Besides the eels and perch, Lindgreen also netted an exotic fish suspected to be a red-bellied pacu, which is native to the Amazon and has uncannily human-looking teeth. "It's the first time this species has been caught in the wild in Scandinavia," fish e ...
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It was tough going out there, with some of the best kingfish anglers around having a hard time finding any fish. There has been plenty of bait on the beach but no kings in the pogies yet. Farther off, the dolphin bite picked up again on the ledge.
The Florida Times-Union Jacksonville · 6/15/2011
SPRINGFIELD — In between thunderstorms, the fish are biting at C.J. Brown Reservoir. June has usually been one of the best months to catch fish at Clark County’s largest body of water, and 2010 is no different. This year’s bite has been helped by ...
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They're ambush predators so they use the low light conditions to attack fish. Unfortunately, that means they can’t see too well and if they come in contact with a human they may take a bite, but they’re not attacking.
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shark attack
SWEDISH men have been warned to avoid nude bathing after a species of fish known for attacking testicles has been found locally. A 21-centimetre pacu was caught by fisherman in the Oresund Sound last week. The fish, a relative of the piranha, is known … · 8/11/2013
A swarm of biting fish injured more than 70 people who were bathing at a popular beach in Argentina on Christmas, a medical official said on Thursday. A seven-year-old girl had her finger partially amputated and dozens more suffered bite wounds on their ...
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A man in his late 60s suffered severe shark bites Wednesday at Ocracoke Island ... attracting more sharks and fish, experts say. Email archive. The State Department this week released the first in a series of …
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Carolina sharks
Now days, when people hear Mille Lacs Lake, many instantly envision the recent negative media coverage surrounding our beautiful lake and well known walleye factory that is, and always has been, a top summer destination for many anglers of all skill levels. · 6/20/2015