It’s a movie to savor. It’s a movie to ponder. It’s “The Age of Adaline.” Imagine a tragic accident that nearly costs you your life, but a freak anomaly of nature not only saves you, but leaves you timeless. You simply stop aging. What at first ...
Oklahoma News · 5/2/2015
If you’re feeling old while watching the new trailer for “The Age of Adaline,” don’t worry, that’s pretty much the point. In the Lionsgate film, Blake Lively plays a young woman born in the year 1908 named Adaline who becomes immune to the ...
MTV · 11/21/2014
Actress Blake Lively stars as the ageless Adaline Bowman in The Age of Adaline, opening in theaters everywhere today. Directed by Lee Toland Krieger, The Age of Adaline stars Blake Lively, Michiel Huisman, Kathy Baker, Amanda Crew, with Harrison Ford … · 4/24/2015
Blake Lively looks incredibly chic while leaving her hotel on Thursday (April 23) in New York City. The 27-year-old actress stars in the new movie The Age of Adaline and a new trailer was released in advance of its opening weekend.
Just Jared · 4/24/2015
Blake Lively may have seemed to be an interesting choice to carry a movie, playing the title character in The Age of Adaline. The former Gossip Girl star has never struck us as the huge movie star type, but there is something about her personality meets ...
MOVIE FANATIC · 4/24/2015
Ever since the US teen drama series Gossip Girl stopped airing in 2012, Blake Lively has been making news for everything ... Now the 27-year-old is back doing the day job. She stars in The Age of Adaline, in which her titular character stops ageing after ...
The Independent · 4/28/2015
It may seem like 100 years since we last saw Blake Lively, but it’s really only been two or three. The former “Gossip Girl” star is back now though, playing (ahem) a woman who’s lived for more than a century in “The Age of Adaline.” Adaline ...
Los Angeles Daily News · 4/21/2015
One film that you should really pay attention to, however, is "The Age of Adaline." Directed by Lee Toland Krieger ("Celeste and Jesse Forever"), "Adaline" is an original story about a woman (Blake Lively ... exclusively to HitFix. While you're at it ...
HitFix · ByGregory Ellwood · 3/26/2015
You can't really call The Age of Adaline a movie. It's more like a series of pretty ... Mills Goodloe and Salvador Paskowitz. Blake Lively stars as Adaline Bowman, a lovely young woman born in 1908 and rendered ageless in a freak accident at the age ...
Toronto Sun · 4/23/2015
While many of us search for ways to look younger and live longer, a new movie now challenges you to ask yourself if you’d really want to be ageless? "The Age of Adaline", which you'll remember we screened last week for some VIPs, is full of style and ...
KOMO News · 4/25/2015
Blake Lively
Blake Ellender Lively is an American actress and model who starred as Serena van der Woodsen in the television …
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