If Bryan Cranston is indeed cast as Lex Luthor, it only makes sense for one reason: Television has the best villains of any medium today, and Cranston's Walter White is at the center of that shift. Read More About:
Den of Geek · 8/27/2013
During an interview on Howard Stern's radio show, Cranston stated that ... with Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network) playing the role of Lex Luthor.
IGN · 3/5/2014
Cranston's Lex Luthor will appear in more than just the Man Of Steel sequel, which sees the return of director Zack Snyder and British actor Henry Cavill in the titular role. The casting is said to be a six-appearance deal at minimum, reports Cosmic Book ...
Daily Mail · 8/24/2013
Bryan Cranston has already been cast as Lex Luthor, but there won't be an announcement until winter. According to the same source, Ben Affleck has a 13-appearance contract as Batman. Warner Bros. is looking to copy the formula that made Marvel's …
Star Pulse · 8/27/2013
Time to run a shady movie “news” website, post unfounded rumors that are too good to be true, watch as the mainstream media picks up on the story, laugh as everyone starts believing your make believe rumor to be true, eventually watch as people catch ...
CRAVE ONLINE · ByGeoffrey Golden · 8/29/2013
Latino Review is hinting that Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston is up for the role of Lex Luthor in DC/WB's Man of Steel sequel Batman/Superman. Please remember that "up for the role" can mean as much as "they're in final contract negotiations" and as ...
Io9 · 8/8/2013
Cranston denied that he had signed up to play Superman's nemesis in six movies in an interview with to promote his play All the Way. "This is all news to me," he said. "I think that maybe my name is bandied about because I'm known to be bald.
Digital Spy · 9/2/2013
A lot of times on the internet, speculation and the wishes of fanboys can get pretty out of hand in a hurry. Some putz writes that he’d love to see this or that actor playing a role, then it’s all over the blogosphere before anyone realizes it’s just ...
TG Daily · ByDavid Konow · 8/30/2013
Superhero scoop culture is so competitive at the moment, that some outlets run with only the faintest of information, hoping by getting out there first, they can be in front of the train should that intel ever prove to be accurate, and real discussions begin.
Indie Wire Film Blog · 7/10/2015
Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston has revealed that he wanted to play Lex Luthor in the upcoming Batman Vs Superman. Speaking to Howard Stern about the demand from fans for his casting, Cranston said: "I was not involved in any of that whatsoever.
NME · 3/5/2014