(CBR) Fans heard “Heisenberg,” but director Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. were thinking “Eisenberg” when it came to casting Lex Luthor for their upcoming "Man of Steel" sequel. “In the minds of fans, it’s true,” Cranston said when asked on ...
HitFix · 3/5/2014
When the casting call for a “bald male, 40s or 50s, can play evil” goes out, only one man answers: Clint Howard. Then he gets hung up on, and producers call Bryan Cranston instead. According to the typically reliable Cosmic Book News, the Breaking …
Uproxx · 8/24/2013
Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston has revealed that he wanted to play Lex Luthor in the upcoming Batman Vs Superman. Speaking to Howard Stern about the demand from fans for his casting, Cranston said: "I was not involved in any of that whatsoever.
NME · 3/5/2014
Cranston himself has now responded to the speculation, responding with a mischievous "give me a call" when asked whether he’d be interested in playing the role. "I like Lex Luthor," continues Cranston. "I think he’s misunderstood. He’s a loveable ... · 8/14/2013
Latino Review is hinting that Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston is up for the role of Lex Luthor in DC/WB's Man of Steel sequel Batman/Superman. Please remember that "up for the role" can mean as much as "they're in final contract negotiations" and as ...
Io9 · 8/8/2013
While everyone was so busy discussing the pros and cons of Ben Affleck as Batman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel, this gem of a story surfaced on Cosmic Book News this past weekend: Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor. It's hard to tell whether or not ...
Complex · ByTanya Ghahremani · 8/25/2013
Cranston denied that he had signed up to play Superman's nemesis in six movies in an interview with to promote his play All the Way. "This is all news to me," he said. "I think that maybe my name is bandied about because I'm known to be bald.
Digital Spy · 9/2/2013
In what will probably be welcome news, after the controversial announcement that Ben Affleck will be playing Batman in the follow-up movie, is reporting Bryan Cranston has been cast as Superman arch-nemesis Lex Luthor. Matt …
KSL · 8/27/2013
Last week, some unfounded rumors began to circulate the internet that Bryan Cranston had signed on to play Lex Luthor in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Man of Steel sequel. Many of you wondered why we never posted this story and it was because we …
Superhero Hype · BySpencer Perry · 9/2/2013
“Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston may have been cast in the role of Lex Luthor in the “Man of Steel” sequel, according to reports. If true, this means that Cranston will play the ultimate Superman foe in at least six DC superhero movies. Cosmic ... · 8/25/2013