California State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson’s (D) bill, which would allow community colleges in the state to punish students for off-campus sexual assaults, was approved by the state senate unanimously this past … · 8/23/2015
Bill Cosby victim Beverly Johnson revealed her experiences ... Cosby is also facing a pending defamation case in Massachusetts and another pending sexual assault case in California.
Jobs Hire · 8/28/2015
(AP) - The California Senate has approved legislation requiring community college applicants to disclose if they've been previously expelled for sexual assault. Transfer students would also need to share if they were …
Capital Public Radio · 8/21/2015
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KGO810's Katy Leaver reports. (KGO) - The California Assembly has unanimously passed a bill that would give colleges more ways to punish students guilty of sexual assault. Senate Bill 186 by Senator Hannah …
KGO810NEWS · 8/18/2015
Sexual Assault
Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation in 2014 requiring colleges in California to use the affirmative consent standard in evaluating sexual assault. SDSU, along with three other schools, was the subject of a 2014 state audit …
KPBS · ByAngela Carone · 8/28/2015
Sexual Assault
As universities across the country put more effort into their response to sexual violence among students, a bill making its way through the state legislature aims to do the same for California ... as a result of a sexual
FOX 40 · 8/22/2015
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So-called yes-means-yes legislation approved by state lawmakers Thursday would require California colleges and universities to adopt a standard of unambiguous consent among students engaging in sexual activity. Seeking to address the problem of rape …
Los Angeles Times · ByPatrick Mcgreevy · 8/29/2014
This past July, three victims of sexual assault sued the University of California Berkeley and the University ... New York’s state university system this year also passed similar legislation and approximately 1,500 …
Breitbart News · 8/24/2015
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"Under the bill, a student alleging a campus sexual assault may choose to keep the accusation from ... A policy that's spread from California colleges across the country in a year or so's time, affirmative consent is …
Reason · 8/26/2015
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LOS ANGELES, Aug. 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Twelve finalists have been chosen from a record number of almost 90 entries for the 2015 Sentinel Awards, showcasing a diverse range of topics including campus sexual
The Street · 8/26/2015
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