Wading ankle-deep along the shore of the cosmic ocean, scientists from around the world gathered at Cornell May 9 to celebrate and inaugurate the university’s Carl Sagan Institute: Pale Blue Dot & Beyond. The new …
Cornell Chronicle · 5/12/2015
Appropriately, each item was created in a relaxed process: "We made our way to the fashion district where we picked out the best fabrics we could find," Hammond explains simply. The result is three ties with a casual …
Rolling Stone · 5/19/2015
A proposed spacecraft that could explore space by sailing around on sunbeams sounds like poetry. But the project, imagined by Carl Sagan and now championed by Bill Nye, is one step closer to being very real: it reached its $200,000 Kickstarter goal in ...
Washington Post · 5/14/2015
Carl Sagan
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An institute dedicated to searching for alien life in the cosmos has been renamed in honor of the late astrophysicist and science popularizer Carl Sagan. Cornell University's Institute for Pale Blue Dots has been renamed the Carl Sagan Institute: Pale Blue ...
Yahoo News · 5/11/2015
A shoe-box sized spacecraft launched today to test a solar sail, a unique technology championed by famous astronomer Carl Sagan. The spacecraft relies on the accelerative ‘push’ of photons from the Sun to …
Euronews · 5/20/2015
solar sail
Bill Nye, known to many as “the science guy,” and his colleagues are about to test the concept of “solar sailing.” Nye’s team at the Planetary Society—a nonprofit composed of space scientists, advocates and …
News Week · 5/14/2015
Bill Nye
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The project is being spearheaded by Jon Lomberg, who served as Carl Sagan's chief artist on the original "Cosmos" TV series. He was also the design director for the Voyage Record Project, designing a series of … · 1 day ago
The Atlas V Booster has taken off from Cape Canaveral but onboard are several small satellites inspired by Carl Sagan’s sun-powered satellites. The Atlas V Booster has officially taken off from Cape Canaveral, but for … · 5/22/2015
Set to the words of Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot is an animation that situates human history against the tapestry of the cosmos. Using a eclectic combination of art styles woven seamlessly together through music and …
Geeks Are Sexy · 5/19/2015
All three poets philosophize on nature and mourn man’s impact upon it, but it’s Sexton, echoing perhaps the most famous of all Carl Sagan quotes, who says what all three understand: that we are a part of it.
Anchorage Daily News · 8 hours ago
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