On the same day the group was also invited by Caroline Kennedy, U.S. Ambassador to Japan, to the American Embassy in Tokyo. All dignitaries reinforced the benefits of a multi-cultural education and importance of …
Virginia Connection Newspapers · 7/15/2015
You can spend hours browsing and if you visit at the right time, you can attend a book meeting with authors. The store has drawn Caroline Kennedy, Julie Andrews and Gene Wilder -- not bad for a town 100 miles from …
Toronto Sun · 7/23/2015
Caroline Kennedy has faced divorce rumors for years, but a visit to Japan by President Obama may have helped put them to rest. Kennedy and husband Ed Schlossberg married in 1986 after five years of dating, and for years appeared to be a happy couple.
The Inquisitr · 4/25/2014
Caroline Kennedy landed in Tokyo today as the new U.S. ambassador to Japan. (USA TODAY, USA NOW) New U.S. Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy smiles as she gives a statement upon her arrival in Japan at the Narita International Airport Friday.
USA Today · 11/20/2013
WASHINGTON — President Obama on Wednesday nominated Caroline Kennedy to be ambassador to Japan, moving to give a scion of America’s most enduring political dynasty a diplomatic post that has often gone to political heavyweights. In naming …
New York Times · ByMark Landler · 7/24/2013
As the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination approaches, so does the merchandising onslaught — books, movies, commemorative magazines. But there is one aspect of this commercialism that remains surprising: The most shameless huckster of …
New York Post · ByMaureen Callahan · 9/22/2013
“We use Caroline Kennedy in Japan. She couldn’t even believe she got the job. They said ‘Would you like the job?’; she said ‘Really?’ — but my daughter Ivanka likes her, so she has to be a good person,” …
Politico · 1 day ago
Caroline Kennedy, America’s favorite daughter, is planning to leave home. She has reached a turning point in her life and is ready to make some very important decisions. Her three children are now in their 20s and are building their own careers ...
Guardian LV · 9/23/2013
A rare opportunity? Two prime parcels of beachfront property are for sale on Martha's Vineyard. Caroline Kennedy is selling two parcels of land, which have been part of the fabled Kennedy 366-acre estate on Martha's Vineyard. Two waterfront parcels in the ...
The Christian Science Monitor · ByDavid Clark · 5/4/2013
Caroline Kennedy on Tuesday stepped before an emperor and into a new global limelight, along a path paved by her father. Arriving at Tokyo's Imperial Palace in a maroon horse-drawn carriage, the 55-year-old presented Emperor Akihito with her credentials to ...
CNN · ByJosh Levs · 11/21/2013

Caroline Kennedy

American Author
Caroline Bouvier Kennedy is an American author, attorney, and the current United States Ambassador to Japan. She is a prominent member of th…
Caroline Bouvier Kennedy is an American author, attorney, and the current United States Ambassador to Japan. She is a prominent member of the Kennedy family and the only surviving child of President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy. She is a niece of Senators Robert F. Kennedy and Ted Kennedy and older sister to John F. Kennedy, Jr.
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