Colton Moore emerged victorious in the freestyle event Thursday night ... "This is the greatest moment ever, to be able to come back and ride for my brother," said Colten. "And not just for him, but with him, because I know he was out here with me all ...
Examiner · 1/24/2014
Baby-faced gunman Colten Moore, 18, of Garland, Texas, has been charged in the brutal murder of diligent Ethopian immigrant Yosef Tulu with a long rifle on Tuesday, police said. Police arrested him at his house on Wednesday, according to reports.
New York Daily News · ByIrving Dejohn · 1/24/2014
Colten Moore told detectives Wednesday that he shot the clerk of a Homeboys gas station and store across the street from the 7-Eleven on Firewheel Parkway where Yosef Tulu died, department spokesman Joe Harn said. Police are preparing an additional …
Dallas Morning News · ByMatt Peterson · 1/24/2014
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They were there for the funeral of four-time Winter X Games medalist and former Wheeler resident Caleb Moore. “He was always down to help out other people,” Colten said. “Without Caleb, I don’t know what I would have done growing up because he …
Amarillo Globe-News · 2/8/2013
A Honor Roll – 4.00 and above Sydney Abel, Joshua Arnold, Calen Bailey, Heather Baldwin, Dylan Behl, Noah Bieniek, Scott Bode, Bradley Branham, Mallorie Bremmer, Julie Bridges, Alex Brown, Colten Brummell ... Kayla Moore, Garrett Morgan, Bryan …
Hannibal Courier-Post · 3 hours ago
Winter X Games snowmobile champion and Nitro Circus Live daredevil Colten Moore was obviously born with a steely nerve and unbreakable mettle but his greatest strength – attained in the most tragic of circumstances – is he never rides alone. Moore, a ...
Sydney Morning Herald · 4/19/2014
It’s just that much more awesome when practically your whole family is in the action sports business. In episode two of The Moore’s Bro’s, Caleb and Colten Moore remind us why mundane our lives our. Kidding, not but really, these guys get to dabble ... · 10/2/2012
Yeah, you read that right. That sequence in the headline was Colten Moore's night at Winter X. First, he crashed incredibly hard in the semifinals of snowmobile freestyle. This doesn't quite do it justice, so watch the video. He was upside-down and lost ...
SBN · ByBrian Floyd · 1/27/2012
Here’s Colten Moore losing control of his snowmobile during a jump in tonight’s Freestyle Finals. As if walking away from this fall wasn’t impressive enough, Moore went on to win the event. His brother Caleb took the bronze.
The Big Lead · 1/27/2012
Freestyle snowmobiler Colten Moore made the 2012 Winter X Games mildly entertaining on Thursday night when he lost control of his snowmobile in the middle of a 120-foot jump. Because he was so high up in the air when the incident took place, Moore
Opposing Views · ByAlex Groberman · 1/27/2012
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