ESPN now has a good connection to the White House. The network hired Craig Robinson Tuesday to work as a college basketball game and studio analyst for ESPNU. Robinson, who was fired after six seasons as head coach at Oregon State, is the …
Chicago Tribune · 10/8/2014
It turns out that Craig Robinson’s (The Office) new NBC comedy has more in common with its star than just a name. In Mr. Robinson, Robinson plays a musician who substitute teaches a Chicago high-school music class to pay the bills. “I came up in ... · 7/31/2015
Craig Robinson, the founder and a blogger of The Iowa Republican, a website that discusses Republican candidates and current events, was at the watch party and answered questions students had about the debate throughout the night. Robinson said he …
The Times-Delphic · 11/18/2015
Student Senate
Craig Robinson will guest star in an upcoming episode of Fox’s freshman comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Robinson will play a small-time criminal named Doug Judy who has information about a cold case Detective Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) has been …
The Inquisitr · 10/26/2013
Popular comedian Craig Robinson was arrested in Bahamas on Wednesday for drug possession. According to reports, the actor was attempting to leave Bahamas for the United States when authorities found Marijuana and Ecstasy in his possession.
Urban Islandz · 10/10/2013
Craig Robinson, Sam Roecker, David Roederer, Nick Ryan, Tamara Scott, Joni Scotter, Karen Slifka, John Smith, AJ Spiker, Norm Sterzenbach, John Stineman, Matt Strawn, Phil Valenziano, Jessica Vanden Berg, Nate Willems, Eric Woolson, Grant Young …
Politico · 11/21/2015
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No? Well you will after watching these videos. It’s less than two weeks until Super Bowl Sunday! Comedian Craig Robinson, partnered with Pepsi and Comedy Central, to perform at the Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show with his band “The Nasty Delicious.” · 1/24/2015
The only thing worth regretting was Robinson’s unfinished piano duel. If you are reading this, Craig Robinson, I’d like to take you up on the challenge. I don’t play much, but I play a mean "Heart and Soul."
VICE · 7/9/2014
SAN FRANCISCO – Comedian Craig Robinson, who audiences may best remember as Darryl Philbin, the warehouse manager on the long-running hit NBC TV show, “The Office,” is now enjoying even more success on the big screen. Robinson, 41, most …
Daytona Times · 6/18/2013
Actor Craig Robinson, of "The Office" fame (as well as "This Is The End," "Knocked Up" and so much more) was arrested in the Bahamas yesterday for trying to get on an airplane with half a gram of marijuana and 18 ecstasy pills. Customs agents …
LAist · 10/10/2013