BOING BOING BOING…PRESS ‘CHEAT’ and START AGAIN… BUTTTT….Up a level: DENNIS HOPPER is in the movie and one could regard this as his warm-up for the comeback phase that defined his later …
MovieViral · 16 hours ago
Dennis Hopper’s pinched, grizzled, weathered face stares out from the book jacket. Little white shapes around his head suggest flower petals, until you realize he has his arms clasped overhead. Holz Hollywood: 30 …
Woodstock Times · 8/21/2015
Holz Hollywood
It was also Dennis Hopper’s first as a director—and the results are shockingly forward-thinking, both visually and thematically. Easy Rider’s barely-there story focuses on two hippies (Hopper and Peter Fonda) as …
Paste Magazine · 8/26/2015
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Boone), Dennis Hopper (Greenleaf), Nathan Lane (Art), Stanley Tucci (Martin), George Lopez (John), Judge Reinhold (Walter). As a comedy this one kicks off more like a drama before things actually get funny, and then …
Examiner · 8/21/2015
Ostensibly a cult picture, this 1977 film starring Dennis Hopper finds the legendary beat actor as Tom Ripley, Patricia Highsmith’s beloved literary icon. Adapting her novel Ripley’s Game, Wenders’ picture co-stars …
Criterion Cast · 8/28/2015
Wim Wenders
One of actor Dennis Hopper's defining roles was his portrayal of a crazed photojournalist in the 1979 classic Apocalypse Now. But what he really wanted to be remembered for was his real life as a photographer, off the big screen. Hopper had a long career ...
Daily Mail · 5/14/2015
“Hombre” is something more. Dennis Hopper, the eponymous hero of the absurdist 1973 western “Kid Blue,” is another outsider — in this case, a train robber who, like John Russell, briefly opts for “civilization” …
New York Times · 8/21/2015
John Russell
Sometimes it's a thrilling big-beast collaboration, with a splice of sexy names. Los Angeles' Museum of Contemporary Art in 2010 showed actor Dennis Hopper's art, guest-curated by artist-turned-director Julian …
The Independent · 8/31/2015
That didn't stop stars like Bob Hoskins, Dennis Hopper and John Leguizamo from joining the production, which saw Mario and Luigi discover a portal to a parallel universe under the streets of Brooklyn, New York. The … · 8/28/2015
Unfortunately, no Machine Elves included. Yikes! Thank goodness Dennis Hoppers’ choppy direction didn’t catch on during the late-1960’s counterculture movement. The acid trip shared between Billy (Hopper) and … · 8/24/2015

Dennis Hopper

American Actor
Dennis Lee Hopper was an American actor, filmmaker, photographer, and artist. He attended the Actors Studio, making his first television …
Dennis Lee Hopper was an American actor, filmmaker, photographer, and artist. He attended the Actors Studio, making his first television appearance in 1954, and soon after appeared in two films with James Dean. In the next ten years he made a name in television, and by the end of the 1960s had appeared in several films. Hopper also began a prolific and acclaimed photography career in the 1960s.
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