However, Doctor Who fans have a different question on their minds: Will Clara Oswald remain on the series as the Doctor's companion?
TV Guide · 11/29/2014
We have a brand new Doctor among us, Whovians. Beginning this Christmas, Peter Capaldi will be stepping into the TARDIS, and while it is a bit disappointing to see him selected over the most deserving option, Tilda Swinton’s hairstyle, I’m still excited.
New Now Next · 8/22/2013
An icon of modern British culture and the longest-running science-fiction TV show in history, Doctor Who has never been more popular than it is today, thanks to producer Russell T. Davies, whose revitalization of the series returns this month under the ...
A.V. Club · ByChristopher Bahn · 4/8/2010
Before 2005 it was pretty tough being a Doctor Who fan, but fortunately I was able to get a dose of it each week on IPTV.’” Iowa Public Television had the following to say about Doctor Who’s record longevity on their network: “Doctor Who is a – d ...
New Statesman · 9/5/2014
The 52-year-old “Doctor Who” has long been a staple on United Kingdom television, with generations of children there famously watching from behind the family couch, hiding from the show’s various monsters, robots and aliens. In America, however ...
Los Angeles Daily News · 2/10/2015
Dr. Warren Hern meeting with a patient at his Boulder, Colorado clinic. In the United States, Americans overwhelmingly disapprove of late-term abortions—abortions after the 25th week of pregnancy. A 2013 Gallup poll found that while 61% of people in the ...
Alter Net · ByAlyssa Figueroa · 9/20/2013
Missy and Davros and Skaro! Oh my! That was one mental premiere, Whovians. Full disclosure, Matt Smith's my Doctor, so I'm relatively new to Who. Netflix did allow me to go back in time to enjoy both Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant's runs.
Tv Fanatic · 9/20/2015
In the same way that real-life Legos let you mix and match sets to create imaginative mental landscapes with impossible combinations, the Dr. Who addition to the upcoming Lego Dimensions game will provide a lot of freedom for how you mix, match, and ...
Gamespot News · 7/9/2015
On May 22, 1965, children across England – and maybe some parents, too – finished their afternoon tea and took to the couch to watch the latest episode of the increasingly popular BBC 1 program, Doctor Who. A new storyline was beginning. Over six …
Something Else! Reviews · 5/21/2015
Coastal Flood Advisory issued October 5 at 3:35PM EDT expiring October 5 at 7:00PM EDT in effect for: Worcester Coastal Flood Advisory issued October 5 at 1:19PM EDT expiring October 5 at 7:00PM EDT in effect …
ABC 2 News · 15 hours ago
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