After Selena Gomez, 23, bravely revealed that she had to undergo chemotherapy to treat her lupus, we couldn’t help but wonder if the singer can live a normal life. spoke EXCLUSIVELY with top …
Hollywood Life (blog) · BySandra Clark · 2 hours ago
Selena Gomez
Doctor Who is going back to school! BBC Three announced this week that the seminal science fiction series is getting a spin-off aimed at young adults. Called Class, the eight-episode series will take place in …
Seattle Post Intelligencer · 10/2/2015
Find out what was revealed in Hall H with our Doctor Who Comic-Con Recap! Fans haven’t had a new episode of Doctor Who since the appropriately-titled “Last Christmas,” so those attending Comic-Con International in San Diego today were ...
Superhero Hype · BySilas Lesnick · 7/10/2015
LONDON, Oct. 1 (UPI) --BBC Three says it plans to start shooting Class, a Doctor Who spinoff series created by young-adult author Patrick Ness, in Wales this spring. Set in contemporary London, the eight-installment …
United Press International · ByKaren Butler · 10/1/2015
BBC Three's Shobha Warrier meets Dr M R Rajagopal who has made such a difference to the lives of the terminally ill. "I haven't slept for months. I can't lie down in any position. The pain is killing me. I want to sleep for just one day without the pain ...
Rediff India Abroad · 3/4/2014
BBC Three today announces Class, a new Doctor Who spin-off from the acclaimed young adult author Patrick Ness. Class is a YA series set in contemporary London. Incredible dangers are breaking through the walls of …
Movie Web · ByBrian Gallagher · 10/2/2015
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This is the story of a man whose ideas could have saved a lot of lives and spared countless numbers of women and newborns' feverish and agonizing deaths. You'll notice I said "could have." The year was 1846, and our would-be hero was a Hungarian doctor ...
NPR News · 1/12/2015
Some of that attention was on the role the role of women in Doctor Who. More specifically, why hasn’t there been a woman chosen to play the role? Continue below for more, and to read about the women who have played an important part in …
Geeks of Doom · 12/23/2013
For fifty years the show has revolved around a Time Lord traveling in his home, the TARDIS with his granddaughter at one point in time, and with many companions, both male and female afterwards. This article is focusing on why the Doctor should stay male.
What Culture · 5/11/2013
As you might know, I’m a pretty big Doctor Who fan (as in OHMYGODILOVETHISSHOW), and I’m really looking forward to the next season. While the most recent season had some issues (arg, “Kill the Moon”) there were several great episodes, and …
Slate · 7/18/2015
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