NHS Tayside Director of Public Health Dr Drew Walker told the Tele: “Thousands of meals are prepared every day across NHS Tayside sites and the catering department receives very positive feedback from patients …
Evening Telegraph · 11/26/2015
NHS Tayside
Dr. Drew Pinsky nearly shut his show down and ultimately had to kick a Black Lives Matter supporter out of his studio for disrupting a panel discussion of CNN’s Republican presidential debate. The woman initially was given a microphone to ask a question.
BizPac Review · 9/19/2015
Goddamnit a Jew. But guess who's Jewish and can fix him? Lovelines' Dr. Drew." The song also has lines like: "So drink your Jagerbomb-ukah / And smoke your medical chronic-ukah."
United Press International · ByKaren Butler · 11/26/2015
Adam Sandler
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The recent news that troubled country singer Mindy McCready took her own life has thrust the debate about the efficacy and ethics of “rehab” television shows and the people behind them, such as Dr. Drew and Dr. Phil, into the spotlight. McCready is the ...
Good Therapy · 3/12/2013
The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) announces Dr. Drew Pinsky of “Loveline” will kick off AACD 2015 in San Francisco at an opening general session May 6. Dr. Pinsky is one of several headliners the AACD has recently confirmed for …
Dentistry IQ · 10/28/2014
Television host Dr. Drew recently shouted down a pro-life advocate on his program who was exposing how the Planned Parenthood abortion business covers up cases of teen rape. Alison Howard of the pro-life legal group Alliance Defending Freedom was on …
Life News · BySteven Ertelt · 10/1/2015
This includes her final trouble, which leaves two boys motherless. If Superman couldn’t put McCready back together, why did Dr. Drew assume that he could? McCready becomes the fifth patient of Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab to transcend addiction …
The American Spectator · ByDaniel J. Flynn · 2/22/2013
In case you haven't noticed, Charlie Sheen is crazay! No, really. He's a nutjob. According to Dr. Drew Pinsky, Charlie Sheen shows symptoms of hypomania, a serious mental disorder. What is hypomania, you ask? Find out below. Wait, so Charlie Sheen
SheKnows · 3/8/2011
“Jared from Subway; Goddamnit a Jew,” Sandler sings. “But guess who’s Jewish and can fix him? Loveline‘s Dr. Drew.” The official video was filmed at San Diego’s Civic Theatre on Nov. 18.
The Celebrity · ByGina Difalco · 11/27/2015
Adam Sandler
In a two night special event, on August 26 & 27, HLN’s Dr. Drew examines the social and medical issues facing the transgender population. Before a live audience comprised of transgender advocates and notable voices, things got heated as Dr. Drew talks ...
Multichannel News · 8/24/2015

Drew Pinsky

David Drew Pinsky, best known as Dr. Drew, is an American board-certified internist, addiction medicine specialist, and media per…
David Drew Pinsky, best known as Dr. Drew, is an American board-certified internist, addiction medicine specialist, and media personality. He has hosted the nationally syndicated radio talk show Loveline since the show's inception in 1984. On television, he hosts the talk show Dr. Drew On Call on HLN, and hosted the canceled daytime series Lifechangers on The CW. In addition, he serves as producer and starred in the VH1 show Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, and its spinoffs Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew, Celebrity Rehab Presents Sober House and hosts podcasts on the Adam Carolla podcast network.